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Ravens sign Curtis Painter

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The Ravens held a backup quarterback derby on Thursday and the winner was Curtis Painter.

Painter, Kyle Boller and Dennis Dixon all worked out for the team and the Ravens announced Thursday afternoon that they have signed Painter to a one-year deal. When it was announced Boller would be working out for the team that made him a 2003 first round pick, many wondered if history would (should?) stop him from getting the job. As it turns out, they were looking at the wrong history.

Painter started eight games for the Colts last season and their head coach at the time was Jim Caldwell. Caldwell is now the quarterbacks coach for the Ravens and his familiarity with Painter might have helped make the deal happen. It could have simply been a better workout, of course, but it was likely something other than Painter’s 0-8 run as the Colts’ quarterback last season.

Painter probably isn’t guaranteed a spot on the final roster. The Ravens have carried just two quarterbacks the last couple of seasons and Tyrod Taylor will still have the inside track on the backup job this summer.

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51 Responses to “Ravens sign Curtis Painter”
  1. gorwr12 says: Apr 19, 2012 5:01 PM

    I hope he cuts his hair, or Sizzle will pull it all out while he is running plays on the scout team.

  2. greglloydrules says: Apr 19, 2012 5:02 PM

    WOW…Ravens just added another great QB. They don’t only have the best QB in football, they have two top 10 QB’s? Unbelievable.

  3. charmcityalum says: Apr 19, 2012 5:06 PM

    Camp arm

  4. 4thqtrsaint says: Apr 19, 2012 5:09 PM


  5. rajbais says: Apr 19, 2012 5:09 PM

    My condolences go out to Baltimore.

  6. 4thqtrsaint says: Apr 19, 2012 5:09 PM

    And if you did, why would you tell anybody?

  7. KIR says: Apr 19, 2012 5:10 PM

    Curtis Painter probably has good skills and he’s probably a good practice player. But anyone who has seen him play in games, when the lights are on and the bullets are flying, knows immediately that he’s not an NFL Quarterback.

  8. 4thqtrsaint says: Apr 19, 2012 5:10 PM

    And how many Ravens fans are praying for Flacco’s health?

  9. thedonnilhama says: Apr 19, 2012 5:10 PM

    The begining of the end for Baltimore.

    Curtis Painter destroyed the Colts. If he wins 1 game with the Colts then the Colts don’t have the 1st pick and Keeps Peyton on the roster.

    Curtis Painter got Peyton Manning fired. Nice legacy you no talent idiot. Jim Caldwell must owe you big time..

  10. 4thqtrsaint says: Apr 19, 2012 5:11 PM

    Ravens fans should pitch in and have a new house built for Flacco. One made entirely out of Nerf.

  11. RavenzGunnerz says: Apr 19, 2012 5:11 PM

    might as well trade for Gabbert in exchange for a 1st rnd pick.

  12. unomasmore says: Apr 19, 2012 5:15 PM

    For What?!

  13. boilerup1869 says: Apr 19, 2012 5:20 PM

    Is this only because Caleb Hanie wasn’t available?

  14. itsmebobd says: Apr 19, 2012 5:25 PM

    Man when your backup is curtis painter, you better hope flacco doesnt go down

  15. indywilson40 says: Apr 19, 2012 5:31 PM


  16. jessieboom says: Apr 19, 2012 5:38 PM

    Well thats one way to make Flacco look better in practice.

  17. ravenscaps48 says: Apr 19, 2012 5:39 PM

    I miss Boller……. HAHAHA!!!!!

  18. ahostiletakeover says: Apr 19, 2012 5:41 PM

    Camp arm, I’d be surprised if he makes the final cut

  19. andyreiddoublecheeseburger says: Apr 19, 2012 5:52 PM

    Painter’s a good pick up- as long as he doesn’t actually play.

  20. peachyc39 says: Apr 19, 2012 6:00 PM

    Why in the world would you sign him of all people??? Do you think because he was on the team with Peyton Manning that he has some secret formula or something? Wow!!!! At least that should provide a better reading and take people’s minds off of rumours that Payton is considering coaching at Arkansas…lol!!!

  21. tonyromoisterrible says: Apr 19, 2012 6:02 PM

    Praying for some flacco/taylor pulled muscles.
    Would love to see this circus.

  22. gmen4life33 says: Apr 19, 2012 6:10 PM

    Flacco and Painter???

    Ravens need to stop being greedy and let some other teams get some elite QBs.

    (I kid, I kid. I know Flacco was a dropped Evans pass away from the SB. Calm down)

  23. peytonsneck18 says: Apr 19, 2012 6:25 PM

    HURT-us painter is 3rd qb depth chart material

  24. moneymike23 says: Apr 19, 2012 6:32 PM

    WTF, I thought Dennis Dixon signed w/ the Broncos.

  25. raynman49 says: Apr 19, 2012 6:35 PM

    Skip Bayless: Curtis (should have been a ) painter.

  26. jimiinpa says: Apr 19, 2012 6:40 PM

    they got him as the #3 qb. they also had boller , and dixon try out. i personally would of had kept dixon.i pray flacko and taylor don’t get hurt or it will be a long season.

  27. fillmorechestnut says: Apr 19, 2012 6:40 PM


  28. moagecu says: Apr 19, 2012 6:40 PM

    You guys all do know he’s coming in to be the 3rd string. No one besides religious fanatics care about a 3rd string quarterback.

  29. cheers4ablumpkin says: Apr 19, 2012 6:40 PM

    TT is the backup. And curits painter is #3/practice player. In my books

  30. vincentbojackson says: Apr 19, 2012 6:50 PM

    More ridiculous display of hair: Painter’s head or Flacco’s uni-brow?

    Vegas says push.

  31. chuckleberry1974 says: Apr 19, 2012 6:51 PM

    Seriously. Tyrod Taylor is the backup. They need 4 qb’s for camp. That’s it. He won’t be on the team.

  32. kodakinvegas says: Apr 19, 2012 7:10 PM

    Hey, he did his job, he tanked the season for that #1 pick. Paid well to do it too. Irsay got what he wanted, Peyton got what he wanted and now everybody loves everybody again. It’s entertainment NFL style. I’ve seen too much, no flags, too many flags, dropped passes, oops passes, missed chip shots, wide open interceptions they can make it what they want it to be. It’s Entertainment NFL Tonight produced and directed by Roger Goodell with a cast of thousands. More entertaining than the Hardashians, more drama than Law n Order, more comedy than Saturday Night Live and more intense than Top Gun. Starring MAnning Brothers, T Brady, D Brees, A Smith, S Holmes Phillip Rivers and more. Pop the corn, break out the brew, grill the ribs, it the NFL

  33. jerrycola says: Apr 19, 2012 7:12 PM

    Nothing like have a quality backup for the best QB in football.

  34. corvusrex96 says: Apr 19, 2012 7:27 PM

    Settle down, they only signed the former lead singer of Nirvana to be a 3rd string practice squad guy

  35. kronix7 says: Apr 19, 2012 7:32 PM


  36. kodakinvegas says: Apr 19, 2012 7:41 PM

    Come to think of it, everybody’s been griping about Flacco, maybe this is where he gets “hurt” and HAS to miss the year, painter comes I’n, Ravens go 2-14 and they get the number 1 and they take next years top dog. I can’t recall his name right now. Why not? It worked for Indy, Denver, Irsay, Peyton, the Jets AND TEBOW. Man, what a plot! Go for it Goodell. Saints would love it. 

  37. corvusrex96 says: Apr 19, 2012 7:51 PM


    “Ravens go 2-14 and they get the number 1 pick”


    With the first pick in the 2013 draft the Baltimore Ravens select – Matt Barkley QB USC

  38. 4thqtrsaint says: Apr 19, 2012 7:55 PM

    Is it me or does Painter look like Shockey’s retarted brother?

  39. aceben3 says: Apr 19, 2012 7:57 PM

    oh geez, it’s gonna be really tough for Tyrod Taylor to beat THAT guy out…

  40. jluns275 says: Apr 19, 2012 8:00 PM

    Probably not the best way to try & keep pace with the Steelers & Bengals. Better pray Flacco stays healthy.

  41. cincycoltsfan says: Apr 19, 2012 8:05 PM

    We’ll trade you painter for pagano any day. Thanks b more.

  42. kodakinvegas says: Apr 19, 2012 8:11 PM

    I was thinking Matt Barkley. Sorry for the delay. But still, Barkley for Flacco, all it takes is 14 losses and Painters the man for the job. Ravens would be butt ugly BAD with Barkley behind center. Get some Baltimore. !

  43. indycolt45 says: Apr 19, 2012 8:37 PM

    This says less about Painter and more about Boller and Dixon. Time to hang it up, fellas. Yeesh.

  44. demonspank says: Apr 19, 2012 9:29 PM

    Maybe someone in HR screwed up and thought painter was his profession.

  45. kodakinvegas says: Apr 19, 2012 9:44 PM

    Corvusrex96. —- you know I was only goofing off picking on Goodell. Payton, Saints Indy and crowd. Sometimes we just gotta lighten up ya know but, the black birds would be bad a$$Ed with a guy like Barkley. They surely got the defense. I think they just need a little more passing game and BINGO. Anyway, you have a good one man

  46. Deb says: Apr 19, 2012 10:03 PM

    thedonnilhama says:

    The begining of the end for Baltimore.

    Curtis Painter destroyed the Colts. If he wins 1 game with the Colts then the Colts don’t have the 1st pick and Keeps Peyton on the roster.

    Curtis Painter got Peyton Manning fired. Nice legacy you no talent idiot. Jim Caldwell must owe you big time..

    Is this a joke post, or are you off your meds?

  47. dg0122 says: Apr 19, 2012 10:13 PM

    get outta here, Curtis, I don’t hear you unless you knock…

  48. allsportsnyfan says: Apr 19, 2012 10:41 PM

    Misery needs company. Caldwell+Painter. Or I should say ebony and ivory.

  49. dawhorsefeathers says: Apr 19, 2012 10:52 PM

    Anyone who thinks this defense would allow the Ravens to go 2-14 with Taylor or Painter at the helm is afflicted. Unlike Indy, not every team dies if you cut off the head.

  50. bunkmcnulty says: Apr 20, 2012 11:38 AM

    Relax. It just QB depth. And very little I may add. But its another ARM in camp and its someone to run a scout team. I would have rather had Dixon because I think he has more talent and options with him. But the Ravens didn’t ask my assessment first!

  51. Deb says: Apr 20, 2012 1:17 PM

    @bunkmcnulty …

    I like Dixon and he’s more athletic than Painter if you’re looking for a scrambler, but Painter’s a better overall QB. He was scapegoated in Indy. If he makes the team, I doubt he’ll spend much time on the field. But as dawhorsefeathers said, the Ravens wouldn’t lay down and die because their starting QB couldn’t play, anymore than the Steelers did when Ben was suspended. Whatever happened in Indy, it wasn’t on Painter.

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