Steven Jackson won’t mind if Rams draft Trent Richardson

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Rams running back Steven Jackson has said he’d stand on the table in the team’s draft room and advocate for the selection of a wide receiver like Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon in the first round. But if the Rams instead take Alabama running back Trent Richardson, Jackson will be just fine with that.

The Rams are going to do what’s best for the Rams,” Jackson told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I understand that. It’s a business.”

After Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III go 1-2, the next four players off the board are expected to be (in some order) USC left tackle Matt Kalil, LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne and then Richardson and Blackmon. The Rams have the sixth overall pick in the draft, so they will probably take whichever one of those players is left on the board when it’s their time to pick.

If that’s Richardson, it will put Jackson in a position similar to the position that Marshall Faulk was put in when the Rams used their first-round draft pick in 2004 on Jackson: He’ll be the veteran who shares carries with the youngster, knowing the youngster is eventually going to replace him.

That’s not always a comfortable position for the veteran to be in, but Jackson will accept it. He understands that. It is a business.

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  1. I like Jackson. He’s a hard runner inside the tackles and can bounce it outside for a good gain as well. More importantly he’s not a diva and doesn’t have off the field issues. He will never be a locker room cancer and you can count on this guy day in and day out. Class act. But just like the article says it’s a business and when fresh new legs come in, you will start to see your playing time diminished until one day you’re a free agent.

  2. Does Jackson ever complain about anything? Not many athletes that work as hard and give as much to a team that’s been so bad for so long. Gotta respect him

  3. Jackson played with Marshall Faulk for two years, HOF’er Faulk was always classy and professional with his understudy. Jackson is a FA after 2013 and will be 30 next year; he understands the business now more than ever.The pick would make sense, I just don’t think T.R. will last until the 6th pick.

  4. Funny SJ39 isn’t in here commenting huh. Only wants to worry about trolling 49ers posts. Richardson would be a great follow up to Jackson but the Rams do have many far more pressing needs. Really oughta trade down again and take Floyd over Blackmon or Richardson and collect an extra pick. Then nab Jenkins when he falls all the way into the 2nd rd

  5. thegame2love says: Apr 19, 2012 8:27 AM

    Jackson played with Marshall Faulk for two years, HOF’er Faulk was always classy and professional with his understudy.
    Really? I seem to recall that Marshall wasn’t that good to Jackson, despite what they wanted “appearances” to be.

    Heard Jackson say on NFL 32 that he feels that he can still carry the load and that he’s not a fan of the 2 back system but he does think later in his career he will be glad to split carries with another guy. As much of a load as he’s carried (think he has 100+ more touches than any other RB in the years he’s been in the NFL), his continued production has been astonishing.

  6. As a 49ers fan, SJax has always driven me NUTS! Great player that shows up to play hard EVERY GAME, especially against division rivals.

    You have to respect this guy’s ability, and further, he seems like such a great guy that you have to respect him as a person too! Not many players would have signed a contract extension to stay in St. Louis at the time he did, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him complain about ANYTHING, even when he had ample cause.

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