Koa Misi pleads not guilty to three felony counts

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Last month, Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi was arrested on battery charges originating from an incident in California.

As it turns out, the alleged events occurred in April 2011, and Misi failed to appear for his original arraignment.

According to the Santa Barbara Independent, Misi pleaded not guilty on Friday to three felony charges:  battery with serious injury, residential burglary, and dissuading a witness.

During what his lawyer calls a “drunken altercation,” Misi allegedly punched through the door of an apartment, hit a man in the face, and then grabbed the cell phone of a woman who was trying to call police and hurling it to the ground.

Misi, the 40th overall pick in the 2010 draft, faces potential discipline from the NFL.  He should be more concerned for now about a trio of felony charges.

24 responses to “Koa Misi pleads not guilty to three felony counts

  1. I blame Steven Ross and Jeff Ireland for this, it is common knowledge that Ireland and Ross were in CA courting Harbaugh to coach the Dolphins. Misi was obviously reacting to the news that Ross and Ireland failed again.

  2. maximusprime107 says:
    Apr 20, 2012 8:19 PM
    Punched through a door? What the hell was said door made out of, cardboard?

    What the author means is that Misi punched the man who was standing behind a door. Come on think about when you answer the door. Are you completely hidden or are you peaking around the corner to see who is knocking? Come on use some common sense if you have any.

  3. After punching a hole through the door, Koa pulled the man inside through the hole, then used his head to batter down the door. So he could grab the cellphone and throw it all the way to Honolulu.

  4. Well I heard he actually bit the door in half, punched a guy who was hiding behind the woman with the phone, melted the phone with his ‘laser vision’ then leapt out the window, landing on a schoolbus full of nuns after a 4 story fall…all this after drinking the supply from an entire Jagermeister truck…but it might just be a rumor.

  5. So what, just join the rest of the players who can’t behave. Misi is one of many. Nearly everyday one of them does something, this is just another “along the way”.

  6. Burglary of a residence and assault. I know Cali has a 3 strikes law for such violent offenses.
    In the future, he may want to mind his P’s and Q’s and be a good Misi in Cali.

  7. Misi should get drunk before each game from now on. He would then not have any trouble getting to the quarterback. Judging from this incident ALCOHOL seems to be a great motivator for him to get someone!

  8. maximusprime107 says:

    Punched through a door? What the hell was said door made out of, cardboard?
    He probably just broke it in. A friend of mine–female–did that when a neighbor’s apartment was on fire. She threw her shoulder into it and broke in. If she could do that, I’m sure a drunken NFL linebacker could.

  9. The man says he’s not guilty. So he’s not guilty. I mean, what else do want him to do?

    I mean, if a man’s word that he didn’t commit three felonies isn’t good enough anymore, then what’s the point of it all, really?

  10. LOL. Punched through a door. was the man’s face on the other side of the door….i’d feel like a real ass if someone managed to punch me in the face, after their fist has already been through a door in the process

  11. He also quickly made a baloney sandwich and didn’t shut the refrigerator door before running out. Felony.

  12. Apparently boilerup and Koa are best friends…sorry, didn’t mean to offend anybody…thought the world still had a sense of humor, but I was mistaken.

  13. 1) I think we need more extensive coverage than “Days without an arrest”. Something along the lines of…
    – Days without an arrest
    – Days without an indictment
    – Former NFL players in prison
    – Current NFL players in jail
    – Guilty pleas today
    – Not guilty pleas today
    – Number of NFL players currently under indictment

    Maybe some wizard will come up with some advanced stats predicting the likelihood of jail\prison time based

    2) How F#$%ing stupid are these guys? I grew up in South Boston and committed at least a hundred assaults and managed, mostly, to stay out of jail\prison. If these guys are dumber than the average teenager from my neighborhood, why draft them?

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