Archie says Peyton is taking things “year to year”

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As quarterback Peyton Manning prepares for the 15th year of his NFL career, his father says that there’s no longer a long-term plan.

“[A]fter missing a season, I think he is going year to year,” Archie told USA Today regarding Peyton’s plans.

“When I came into the league, a lot of quarterbacks played 17 or 18 years,” Archie Manning said.  “Doesn’t happen much anymore.”

Peyton Manning missed all of his 14th season after neck surgery.  But that hasn’t stopped the Broncos from giving him $18 million guaranteed for 2012.

And the “year-to-year” concept could come as a bit of a surprise the Broncos, given that they’ll owe Peyton $40 million guaranteed for 2013 and 2014.  Though Peyton won’t get the money in 2014 if he walks away, he’ll get the money if any injury other than a neck injury forces him to call it quits.

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  1. Am I the only one who sees this picture and wonders what Peyton is doing hanging out with Roy Scheider?

  2. Daddy can I retire yet?
    No, when I decide you can retire I will contact the media

    Daddy can I play anywhere I want
    No, only where the owner offers me the best side deal?

    Daddy when can i make my own decisions?

  3. Archie needs to stay out of his sons business, he played the game already now its time for him to shut up and let his boys do their things. He’s making them look like he still holds their hands and make decisions for them, making their reputation look bad. Let Peyton or Eli speak out on their behalves, you just sit back and enjoy the games.

  4. philvil41 says:
    Apr 23, 2012 11:04 AM
    He won’t make it through this year after the Raiders knock the crap out of him.


    Hilarious man. Look, I am a Broncos fan and I am not dellusional enough to think Denver will win the SB, but I think they have a chance at capturing the west. The hate Raiders fans have for all other teams is amazing. Al Davis is gone, let the hate go with him.

  5. “And the “year-to-year” concept could come as a bit of a surprise the Broncos, given that they’ll owe Peyton $40 million guaranteed for 2013 and 2014.”

    There’s not a penny of that $40 million guaranteed for 2013 & 2014 until he passes a physical next off-season.

  6. I’ll agree with you, philvil41 on this much; he won’t make it through the year. Somebody will get a free shot at him an take him out–even without a bounty.

  7. Archie sure loves him the cameras and media. This guy gets more press than Eli, who actually won two Superbowl rings. It’s time Archie stopped contacting the media or declined media requests and let his grown sons speak for themselves.

  8. Hey Jamin Jake,
    I will try my best not to get nasty on you-that being said, I LOVE the hatred that has always exsisted in the AFC West.I would NEVER start a fight at a game or anything like that,but you gotta hate your division rivals!! Whenever I can perpetuate the hatred among the AFC West I always will.I don’t EVER want it to die.I’m proud that Den.,K.C., and S.D. all call the Raiders their biggest rival,i.e.most hated foe.Traditions must live on.

  9. Philvila41, as a Broncos fan I couldn’t agree more, as long as we keep fights out of it divisional rivals are one of the best aspects of this game!! My in-laws are all Chiefs fans and we LOVE to give each other a hard time, it’s an absolute blast!

  10. I’ve said it before ad nauseum. manning didn’t care about going to a Super Biwl contender. He signed with the Broncos because they offered him the most guaranteed money. Forget the nice legacy. He’s now a con man. Greedy Swamp Boy is done. Everyone will see soon enough.

  11. So what if Archie says something about his son in an interview. You people are ridiculous. HATERS

  12. mjkelly77, the only year that is guaranteed is this year. Then he has to pass a physical to guarantee the next two years, then he has to pass another physical for the 4th year and another physical for the 5th year, the kicker is HE is the one that wanted those stipulations in the contract, the Broncos were willing to sign him without those clauses. So you might want to do some research before you spout out those type of comments Just sayin…

  13. Pretty much the elephant in the room here on out. He is one of the best to play the game, but 4 neck procedures in 2 years with the potential for more is pretty serious at this stage in his career.

    I wish him the best as he enters his “swan song” era but there will be some uncertainty for the rest of his career.

    Still top 3 QBs ever if you ask me, glad I was able to witness him up close for so long.

  14. archie had issues when he was a qb back in the day, he refused to throw the ball to blacks, look it up

  15. dtownpayne,thanks for the props.Denver sucks,and they aren’t winning anything this year,unless you consider the most overated,overhyped as a good thing.

  16. No prob, only speaking the truth. Ha ha, at least we haven’t mortgaged all of our draft picks. I do have to say I hate that you guys nabbed Dennis Allen, you guys got a winner in him!

  17. Congrats Broncos! You ditched the only playoff-game-winning QB you’ve had since Jake da Snake. For what now? One year of Manning?

  18. oggj says:
    Apr 23, 2012 10:46 AM
    Am I the only one who sees this picture and wonders what Peyton is doing hanging out with Roy Scheider?

     actually, Archie looks more like Michael Murphy, a character actor probably best known for his buddy-role in Woody Allan’s, “Manhattan”.

    More obscure, yes, but accurate.

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