Lions beef up offensive line with Riley Reiff at 23


The Detroit Lions need to protect Matthew Stafford, and their first-round pick in the 2012 NFL draft is a player who can do just that.

Iowa offensive tackle Riley Reiff is the Lions’ pick at No. 23 overall, a player who had been all over the map in various draft projections but who should help bolster a line that at times struggled to protect Stafford and to open up holes in the running game. The Lions’ offense has its share of stars, led by Stafford and the man who announced the Reiff selection, Calvin Johnson. Now they have a big guy up front.

There was talk today that the Lions were in the mood to trade and might move either up or down, but in the end they decided that they could stay put and make their offensive line better.

Reiff will probably start at right tackle as a rookie, then eventually replace Jeff Backus as the left tackle.

25 responses to “Lions beef up offensive line with Riley Reiff at 23

  1. Not flashy and I was hoping for defense. But if he helps the run game improve, that will keep the other team’s offense (and our bad secondary!) off the field so I guess it’s an improvement to the defense in a way. Let Suh & the boys rest a little more between all those Stafford to CJ touchdowns!

  2. With Hightower, Mercilus and Upshaw still there at 23 I thought The Lions would take one of them , but I think Reiff was a smart pick . I trust that Mayhew has done his homework and can pick up a corner in the 2nd round.

  3. well at least i dont have to hear everybody crying over our o line for a couple of days even tho we dont have a starting left cornerback. i guess we couldnt give up a 7th rounder for asante!!!!

  4. they got to take a chance and draft that Jenkins kid in round 2, top ten talent, if he can stay clean, he starts right away and bolsters that horrible secondary

  5. finally did the right thing. there was no defender in that we needed there and whose value was worth as much as Rileys was. And we needed a OT . Hope they get cornerback next 2 picks, I say take risk on Jenkins.

  6. That’s a good move by Detroit. They now have Backus’s eventual replacement and a guy they can play on the right side until that happens. That line just got quite a bit better. Now, i can haz defense?

  7. I was kinda hoping for DeCastro; I’m still thrilled by this pick.
    With the way the 1st round worked out, I could still see the Lions taking a strong G with their second pick.

  8. Good Solid Choice.

    His slipping down from higher rating is just an opportunity for the Lions to get a first rate player.

  9. Only way the leos could of gotten asante is if he wouldve restructured his huge contract. Something like 18 mil this and next year. But asznte wouldve been a solid pick up, he would flourish with our defense since he can only man cover for 2 to 3 seconds and our dline gets to qbs quickly but if those numbers are right then no way couldve the lions got him I hope they take the risk on jenkins

  10. I miss the days of trading up to take short careered running backs. This pick is 3 years too late. Stafford might of played a few more games if the Oline was built a tad sooner.

  11. pigskinpimp … I hear you but you can thank Matt Millen for that … 31 wins in 8 years. He set the franchise back 10 years drafting guys like Charles Rogers and Mike Williams instead of guys who can play for 10 years like Riley Rieff.

  12. I wouldn’t be so sure he will immediately be better than cherilus at RT. Remember goz was a first rounder only 4 years back, and last year seemed to be coming into his own. My fellow lions fans who are notoriously impatient won’t be happy if this guy is sitting the bench this year. If cherilus can get enough bend in those knees to play guard I wouldn’t mind seeing him replace peterman, put the rook at RT.

  13. nflfollower : If you would like to see Gosder play guard instead of tackle it’s a good thing neither one of us are advising Mayhew! lol.

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