Steelers stop David DeCastro’s slippage at 24th pick

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Stanford guard David DeCastro is another player who was available significantly later than most of the draft prognosticators anticipated. Once regarded as a virtual lock for the top-13 selections, DeCastro slipped to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ pick at No. 24.

DeCastro fits Pittsburgh’s mentality on the offensive line. He is a beastly run blocker at 6-foot-5, 316, and was one of college football’s most decorated linemen. Blocking for No. 1 overall pick Andrew Luck, DeCastro garnered first-team All-American honors in 2011. He started 39 career games at Stanford, never missing a game and earning All-Pac 12 accolades each year.

DeCastro will start at right guard in Week One for the Steelers.

49 responses to “Steelers stop David DeCastro’s slippage at 24th pick

  1. I believe I can safely speak for Pittsburgh fans everywhere when I say….


  2. Thank goodness!!! Exactly what we needed. Can’t believe this guy was available at 24. DeCastro’s technique is killer. Perfect pick for us. GO STEELERS!!

    Breaks my heart to see two Alabama players go to other teams in our division, but so proud of Bama’s showing in round one. ROLL TIDE!!

  3. Maybe left guard depending on whether Foster stays put.

    LT Marcus Gilbert
    LG David DeCastro
    C Maurkice Pouncey
    RG Ramon Foster
    RT Willie Colon

    Doug Legursky 6th man G/C

    Finally looking like a decent line again.

  4. The last time the Steelers had the top guard in football, Alan Faneca blew open the right side of the Seahawks’ d-line, and Fast Willie Parker streaked through for the longest TD run in Super Bowl history – the game winner on that day.

    Enjoy your new home, Mr. DeCastro.

  5. Love the pick. Smart dude from great school with great QB in a Pro system. Alan Faneca 2.0. Be a stud for the next 10 yrs.

  6. Yes yes yes YEEESSSSSSS!!! Thank you for being there. Exactly what they needed. Very happy.


  7. Biggest steal of the first round. Steelers stay put and capitalize on teams reaching for boom or bust pass rushers to get the best G in the draft by a mile.

  8. A top pick for the Steelers offensive line. An upgrade with both skill and attitude. A consistent offense will help the defense.


  9. Hated hightower heading to patsies but this is a great pik. Our line is gonna b tight next yr. Great fit. Ben can add a few more lives to his career.

  10. Such as the city of Pittsburgh. Rarely sexy. Mostly misunderstood. They know exactly who they are. Winners – and you can’t argue that.

  11. Yeah, you know what it is!!!!!! Steelers always grab a stud in the first-round. just like that, offensive line is majorly upgraded (and young). Nice group being put together with Pouncey, Gilbert, and DeCastro.

  12. As a Steelers fan, DeCastro was the number one player on my board. Very surprised he fell to us at 24. Hell yeah!

  13. Thank goodness!!! Exactly what we needed. Can’t believe this guy was available at 24. DeCastro’s technique is killer. Perfect pick for us. GO STEELERS!!

    Breaks my heart to see two Alabama players go to other teams in our division, but so proud of Bama’s showing in round one. ROLL TIDE!!

  14. To everyone grading this draft: go ahead and give the Steelers anything less than an A+. The Steelers rarely go outside for free agents and yet have the best record in the last 15 years and third best in last 10. And won 2 of 3 recent Super Bowls! So we keep winning with our own! Decastro now adds to it! So keep disrespecting Colbert. We’ll just keep winning. Write about the Cowboys And others in April while you write about Steeler Nation in January and February! Steelers Nation is coming to a your stadium soon!

  15. The Steelers get players like DeCastro because they take advantage of other team’s stupid picks (see the Browns with Weeden).

  16. I started a mini-countdown about 5 picks before the Steelers came on the board and about did a backflip when the pick before our was announced without DeCastro’s name being uttered.

    This is AWESOME!!! Exactly what we needed. A NASTY guard to blow open holes for running backs for the next 10 years.

    I don’t think Steelers management thought there was any way this guy would still be on the board, but I know they couldn’t get that card to the podium fast enough!

    I am SOOOOOOO psyched!


  17. As a former Browns fan,until tonight, great pick up! I thought he was a no brainer pick for the Browns but apparently a 29 year old rookie qb who is going to get rocked by the steelers was more important to thier future success as a clueless team.

  18. re: jackericsson… Wow. You really think the Steelers are a disrespected team in the media? I feel like you missed the boat on complaining about that by about a decade. Everyone knows that DeCastro was rated higher than where he was drafted, which should make him a nice add for the Steelers. Your decision to list your team’s record over the past decade an a half seems pointless though. Nobody is about to judge your team’s draft picks by their previous 15-year record. Hell, if we can just take a random sample size of games and use that as proof that our team had a good draft, my reigning Super Bowl Champion Giants, undefeated in the 2011 playoffs, 4-0, 1.000% winning percentage, who generally don’t sign big free agents, drafted someone today, and he will subsequently be enshrined in the Hall of Fame in a decade or 2….

  19. This is already a great draft for Steeler Nation.. The best guard in the draft !! We were not going to take one until round 2 but since DeCastro was there had to take him even though Hightower I believe was who they were targeting with the pick but I will gladly take it !! We could still take another guard/tackle with 2nd pick and our line would be set for years moving Foster/ Legursky where they belong which is solid backups… round 3 ILB/NT/ S as backups before moving into starting roles… Well played Steelers… well played!!

  20. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out. Decastro was a need player vs. Hightower. Can’t argue with Colbert’s track record, but as a Pats fan I’m thrilled.

  21. The Steel of The Draft. Outstanding. Thanks to Miami,Seattle and the teams that took WR. Teams that traded back and Detroit for wanting Reiff.

  22. yo pharxity95, dont strain yourself patting yourself on the back, or blow out your left wrist with that intense stroking motion…

  23. Not a Steeler fan, but I am a huge fan of that front office. Year after year it makes great picks.

    Just amazing. Once again, Pitt, nicely done.

  24. What a great pick. Just confirms my confidence in the Steelers organization. DeCastro should help what has been our weakest unit for years.
    If Pouncey can stay healthy and Gilbert improves, this will give us a solid O-Line.

    Got him without moving up. Just great!! Just what I was hoping for.

  25. I know Alan Faneca was drafted by the Steelers in the first round in 98 and he sure was valued. That worked out.

  26. As Colbert said, maybe more teams should value guards. It works for the Steelers. Emulate that,

  27. Solid pick, I have to admit.

    Now all they need to do is replace the other 3 OL guys, other than Pouncey.

  28. Awesome pick!!! Steelers are really making an effort to repair that offensive line and this is a great start. This kid is a great player with a nasty demeanor just what the Offense needs

  29. Watched him play at Stanford, and there’s no other way to put it; he’s solid all the way around.

    The thing that makes him a great pick for Pitt is he’s a smart player. He’ll probably be able to adapt to whatever crazy thing Roethlisberger is doing.

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