The full Mickey Loomis interview from PFT Live

We shared earlier in the afternoon the segment of the PFT Live interview with Saints G.M. Mickey Loomis regarding the recent allegations of eavesdropping (or, more accurately, the capability to engage in it).

But Loomis touched on several more topics.

You can check all of them out by clicking the box below.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

5 responses to “The full Mickey Loomis interview from PFT Live

  1. i love you Mike – and do not miss a day of your work – but what a stupid assed question regarding whether Mickey can watch tv…what was that all about?! this ENTIRE deal is completely BOGUS and, as i have posted does not move beyond anything i heard in my entire career as a defensive player and subsequently a trainer in middle school, high school, and college football – and nothing out of the ordinary from the reports of friends of mine who went on to play professional football…so i hope you can understand how LUDICROUS this entire deal seems to many people…(who are not LOSERS)!

  2. Let me take a wild guess;

    Loomis says he didn’t do it.

    Well, that’s all the proof I need to hear!

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