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Bengals call Mohamed Sanu for real in third round

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One of the stranger stories to come out of the first round of the draft concerned Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu.

With Cincinnati on the clock for the 27th pick, Sanu was prank called by someone claiming to be a Bengals representative informing Sanu that the team was making him their pick. The Bengals wound up taking Wisconsin guard Kevin Zeitler while Sanu and his family looked on in shock.

Fast forward to Friday night and the Bengals on the clock for the 82nd pick. Sanu’s phone rang again, but this time it was actually the Bengals doing the calling. They selected Sanu with that pick and putting a fitting coda on an odd little chapter of the 2012 Draft.

It’s particularly good for Sanu because he is going to have every opportunity to earn playing time with the Bengals. They are looking for a reliable option opposite A.J. Green and Sanu could fit the bill. He’s not exceptionally fast, but he’s strong with good hands and he runs routes well. Green can stretch the field and Sanu can work underneath to give Andy Dalton targets on multiple levels this season.

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28 Responses to “Bengals call Mohamed Sanu for real in third round”
  1. sirsupersouthern says: Apr 27, 2012 10:39 PM

    Dude got punked…

  2. raydahhs75 says: Apr 27, 2012 10:43 PM

    Sanu will get the last laugh as a multimillionaire football player, while the prankster lives out his sad existence as an anonymous piece of crap.

  3. gbiscottagecheesefatties says: Apr 27, 2012 10:43 PM

    I wanted my Vikings to get back into the 3rd round for this guy 😦

  4. chubbychuckles says: Apr 27, 2012 10:44 PM

    What a funny story.

    I think Bengals got a steal here. Sanu was Rutgers entire offense and they essentially had a qb controversy (both qb’s sucked) the entire time he was there. He won’t make the home run catch, but he will catch the ball at the very least.

  5. jerrycola says: Apr 27, 2012 10:48 PM

    Bengals have had one of the best drafts so far.

  6. sdiegosteel says: Apr 27, 2012 10:58 PM

    He seems like a really good kid with a good head of his shoulders. Congrats sir.

  7. perennialsinn21 says: Apr 27, 2012 10:59 PM

    Now your a Bengal for real.

  8. dionoil says: Apr 27, 2012 11:02 PM

    That’s awesome for him. I wonder if they picked him in part because they felt bad

  9. Deb says: Apr 27, 2012 11:02 PM

    Good for Sanu!! So far the Bengals have had a nice draft. As an Alabama fan, I expect Dre Kirkpatrick to be a solid addition to that secondary. Unless Dalton experiences the second-year QB slump, the Bengals should continue giving the Ravens and my Steelers strong competition in the division.

  10. detroitcityryda says: Apr 27, 2012 11:10 PM

    It wasn’t no prank bengals called him then changed their mind and went with sbother player ,so to make it up they drafted him in third .only the bengals

  11. matthewcarlson1 says: Apr 27, 2012 11:12 PM

    Pretty cool the bengals ended up taking him eventually.

  12. slopmcflop says: Apr 27, 2012 11:17 PM

    Whoever made that call for the bengals probably had to do some convincing that it was the real deal.

    Hello, Sanu? It’s the Bengals


  13. bonniebengal says: Apr 27, 2012 11:29 PM

    Glad to see it. We need a #2 WR opposite Green. Simpson and his weed went to Minnesota.

  14. slomax10 says: Apr 27, 2012 11:40 PM

    Did the bengals get a new owner?? Nice drafts the last couple years, just doesn’t seem like the mike brown way.

  15. cordellgc says: Apr 27, 2012 11:55 PM

    yeah right this just a classic case of this front office messing up, good ol katie made the call to early…oops… they will give him a little extra hush money to keep that on the low

  16. 12is3times4 says: Apr 28, 2012 12:11 AM

    If not for being the wrong round, I suppose this would be the prank-call equivalent of Babe Ruth’s called shot.

  17. onderin says: Apr 28, 2012 12:14 AM

    raydahhs75 says: Apr 27, 2012 10:43 PM

    Sanu will get the last laugh as a multimillionaire football player, while the prankster lives out his sad existence as an anonymous piece of crap.

    I remember Lebron saying something similar to this last year. Didn’t see him getting many likes for it…

  18. baronvonmonocle says: Apr 28, 2012 12:43 AM

    raydahhs75 says:Apr 27, 2012 10:43 PM

    Sanu will get the last laugh as a multimillionaire football player, while the prankster lives out his sad existence as an anonymous piece of crap.

    Hey, don’t call me that! I was just jok…

    I mean, nevermind.

  19. Vegas Guy says: Apr 28, 2012 1:50 AM

    I hate to say it but Cincy has had a really good draft so far this year.. really plugged some holes and this kid is a good pick against AJ. If AJ is covered down the field this kid will be open.. if this kid is covered AJ will be open. Really good pick.

  20. joetoronto says: Apr 28, 2012 6:40 AM

    The poor bastard. First the scare of being drafted by the Bungals, and then the reality.

  21. staffordsyear says: Apr 28, 2012 6:49 AM

    Oh man,thats just brutal!…hope he does well in the nfl.

  22. waltdawg says: Apr 28, 2012 7:25 AM

    Good for Sanu….Now, enough about Sanu….Next

  23. ceadderman says: Apr 28, 2012 7:45 AM

    Could be someone fudged and called him early? Stranger things have happened. I mean how do the Bengals call in the 1st Round but then draft him in the 3rd?

    By having him on their board and someone dialed the wrong phone number that’s how.

    “Hey man welcome to the Cincinatti Bungles…”

    *wild flailing motion ensues at the War room table*

    “Uhhhh yeah lemme get back to you we’ll work it out”

    In the 3rd round the Cincinatti Bungles take Sanu Rutgers… WOOOOOO!!!

    Talk about Fail. Cinci called the guy. Nobody punked him. The guy that got punked was the guy on the other end. Must be a draft day Rookie. Wahahahahaa!!!

  24. hdanger10 says: Apr 28, 2012 7:47 AM

    I think someone from the Bengals dialed the wrong number in round one. What a cluster.

  25. rickybobbie says: Apr 28, 2012 7:52 AM

    Congratulations on becoming a Cincinnati Bengal!!! The Bengals have had a very nice draft so far. They are adding players who can contribute immediately.

  26. buddybowl69 says: Apr 28, 2012 9:36 AM

    Hello, yes this is Mohamed Sanu. What’s that? Man, stop calling me. If I ever get my hands on you… What? Cincinnati? Marvin? Oh Shoot…

  27. skolvikesskol says: Apr 28, 2012 12:35 PM

    This is just further proof that time travel and worm holes are real! Sanu just wasnt smart enuff realize the phone call was a WARNING hebe drafted by the bungles… And to all those bungle hopefuls… All this love and positivity reminds of when they first had palmer. They have the same coach and owner and will net the same result…

  28. cincyfan0890 says: Apr 28, 2012 2:11 PM

    Just so you know, they tracked who called him as a prank, it was some kid and they are over it now obviously. And to ensure it was really the Bengals, they had our recievers coach call from his cell phone, since the kid had it in his phone from the workouts. Do some reading before you dog a team.

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