Panthers get some protection for Newton with Silatolu

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With two picks in the 2012 draft, the Panthers have added no weapons for quarterback Cam Newton.  With the 40th overall pick, however, Carolina has at least picked a guy who may help give Cam more time to find whatever weapons he has.

The Panthers selected guard Amini Silotalu from Midwestern State.

Silatolu becomes the second small-school player to be taken in the 2012 draft.  He had appeared on several mock drafts, with some projecting him to plug the gaping hole created in Baltimore with the departure of Ben Grubbs.

15 responses to “Panthers get some protection for Newton with Silatolu

  1. Nice! This guy is a Mike Iupati clone that is an instant upgrade over Travelle Wharton. I’m very satisfied with what the Panthers are doing so far.

  2. Hate this pick, more pressing needs at CB n DT we are in a division with drew brees, vincent jackson, roddy white, julio jones, matt ryan, shall I go on? I mean dang we don’t have another pick until 4th rd what we gonna do then?

  3. @ loyalpanthersfan & nineroutsider :

    You’re entire team hinges on Cam Newton developing and staying healthy. Without him, it’s back to the bottom….this guy will help keep him upright

  4. The Panthers have done really well as far as the talent goes, but we do still have ridiculous gaps in our roster! We have GOT to trade and get into the 3rd round!

  5. @ronmexico4life
    I understand that, but we don’t have such a terrible o-line, we have a terrible secondary, adding kuechly n getting beason back can help the run but nothing has changed to help the secondary

  6. Don’t know much about him yet, but I can see where this would be a position of need after the losses this off season. I like Kuechly too.
    LB may not seem to have been a position of need but realistically, probably was. Hopefully we get a 3rd round pick but if not, I’m OK with that too. We still have camps, and a preseason to get what maybe needed. There is no way we can tell how this draft will go for a season or two.

  7. from an outsider looking in, panthers fans need to ease off. from an insider looking out, panthers fans need to ease off. kuechly will be an elite lb. and for the folks who are condemning marty on the second round pick, i can guarantee you that he has watched more film on obscure players than you have porn, and that’s saying a lot. stop complaining, stop bitching, because it will run our stars out of town. we will be great, in due time. just be patient folks.

  8. Live the pick Oata can’t stay healthy and needs a good back up and can needs to learn how to read the field and having this guy will give him time and if nothing comes open then he can take off and run

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