Vikings will pay Simpson $2 million, but he’ll get $1.85 million

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Last week, the Vikings signed receiver Jerome Simpson, who’ll be suspended for three games after pleading guilty to a felony drug charge earlier this year.

Simpson will be fairly well compensated.  Per a league source, Simpson will receive a $950,000 roster bonus, a base salary of $800,000, and a workout bonus of $250,000.

It’s unclear when the roster bonus is due.  It’s possible that he’ll be required to, for example, make it past the final roster cuts in order to get the roster bonus.

Due to the suspension, Simpson will lose three game checks, for a total forfeiture of $141,176.  Thus, he’ll get a maximum payout of $1,858,824.

13 responses to “Vikings will pay Simpson $2 million, but he’ll get $1.85 million

  1. Love this signing for the Vikes. Low risk, and he’s exactly what we need…..he’s got size and speed. I only wish we would have signed him to a longer (2-3 year) deal. If he stays clean and has any sort of decent production this year he will be gone….

  2. Why did the Bengals, who needed a second WR, let him go? Because he looks good on the occasional highlight but is not consistent or a high impact guy. He’s the kind of athlete who looks good in shorts at the combine but has little impact on the field. Maybe he can win the Vikings training camp decathalon.

  3. i love how PFT breaks down contracts.
    this guy should be fun to watch and play against in the NFC north.

  4. Pleading guilty to a felony drug charge only gets you a 3 game suspension? Goodell must be getting soft. Nice employees Roger.

  5. I hope all these 1 year contracts don’t bite the Vikes in the ass. Hopefully by giving these guys a shot when no other teams wanted to they will return the favor and NOT sign with someone else if they have a break out year with the Vikings. Of course it will be up to Minny to offer them a proper contract it that is the case as well.

  6. Hey! Don’t forget that reefer and rolling papers aren’t free…Jeez, it’s like you expect the guy to go without the necessities of life.

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