Breaking down Harbaugh’s comments

PFT Live, Segment 1: Mike Florio breaks down Ravens head coach John Harbaugh’s comments on cheating with the Patriots and Saints. Then we get the latest with the Oakland Raiders front office and take a look at the “Mr. Irrelevant” title of the last pick of the NFL Draft.

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3 responses to “Breaking down Harbaugh’s comments

  1. With the wildfire of comments on all this MediaGate nonsense, zero comments on this article really ought to bang home one thing… no one watches these videos!

    Somebody ought to photoshop a tear running down Harbaugh’s cheek in this photo, in any case, as that Pats are going to make these guys cry cry cry on week 3. Revenge year heating up!! Yeah!!

  2. This isn’t any news or anything that is going to intensify a rivalry – its a fact. I have lots of Patriot fan friends, and they all comment about it the exact same way. It changes nothing.

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