Peter King talks draft story lines

Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC joined PFT Live on Tuesday to talk about some of the major stories emerging from the draft, as chronicled in his Monday Morning Quarterback column.

I could summarize what he said or paste some of the quotes, but then you may not watch it.

So watch it.  If you do, you’ll get Peter’s takes on the trade that resulted in the Rams dropping from No. 6 to No. 14 for only a second-round pick, the Dolphins’ plans for Ryan Tannehill, the Redskins’ decision to use a high fourth-round pick on Kirk Cousins, and the status of the NFL’s investigation regarding the players involved in the Saints’ bounty situation.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

9 responses to “Peter King talks draft story lines

  1. No thanks. You could write out the article, not all of us can watch the videos.

  2. We like reading because we can watch TV and/or ignore the woman at the same time

  3. ^
    I also like how they conveniently crop out the slider apparatus so you can’t fast forward to the part you want to see. LAME

  4. Why would you think the Rams would get the same value to move from #6 overall to #14 as the Browns got to move from #6 overall to #27 one year earlier. The simple answer in this case is also the only answer. The Rams were not moving down as many spots as the Browns so getting the #45 overall was a good move. So instead of Claiborne, the Rams got an extra 2nd round pick which allowed them to take the offensive players they needed, (Brockers & Pead) as well as take a chance on what was possibly the best DB in the draft, (Jenkins). Thats BEST DB IN THE DRAFT.

  5. The best move on draft day was watching NFL network with sound up and ESPN with sound down.
    Plus everytime Trent Dilfer started talking I threw something at TV.

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