Jaguars pink slip Drew Coleman

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There’s another veteran cornerback on the open market.

The Jaguars announced Thursday that they have released Drew Coleman. Coleman joined the team as a free agent before last season when he signed a three-year, $7.4 million deal to leave the Jets. He was set to earn $1.7 million this season, a number that the Jags obviously felt was too high for a player who was mainly a slot corner last season.

Coleman was a pretty good slot corner, though. He played on almost half the team’s defensive snaps, providing decent coverage along with two sacks and three forced fumbles. There are likely plenty of teams that would be interested in adding Coleman to their mix at defensive back and he probably won’t be on the unemployment line all that long.

The Jaguars signed Aaron Ross as a free agent and drafted Mike Harris in the sixth round. One of them will likely step into Coleman’s role as a complement to starters Rashean Mathis and Derek Cox.

10 responses to “Jaguars pink slip Drew Coleman

  1. Chargers! Get up on it! With Cason being “decent” at best and Jammer getting older and older we really need another corner in there while Gilchrist develops.

    Git er Done!

  2. if the jets pick him up they would just be covering another failed personnel decision. they should have never let him or ihedigbo go when wilson was clearly the liability.

  3. He played well last season. 1.7 mil for a good #3 corner is reasonable. I don’t understand this move by the Jags.

  4. Sorry to disagree guys, but Coleman was, is, a slug. He’s awful and I was happy as hell that the Jets let him go when they did. I don’t want him back even if his annual salary was $1. I was sick of watching him always chase after receivers with his back to the quarterback. He’d have trouble covering somebody’s grandmother.

  5. The Jags already have plenty of young guys to cover the slot receiver. Make no mistake, Coleman is just a nickel back. Although he played decent, his contract would’ve demanded to much for a nickel back. I can’t disagree with this move.

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