Nick Collins still unsure about his future

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Nick Collins isn’t a member of the Packers any longer and he’s still not sure whether he’ll pursue a uniform with another team.

Collins’ agent Alan Herman told Jason Wilde of that his client still isn’t sure about continuing his football career. Collins solicited several different medical opinions including those of the team doctor. That last opinion factored into the Packers’ decision to release Collins last week.

Both coach Mike McCarthy and General Manager Ted Thompson said that their decision to move on without Collins was driven by a feeling that it was not in his best interests to get back on the field. Both men made references to feeling that Collins was like a member of their family and they thought about his return the same way they might consider whether or not their own sons should be allowed to keep playing.

If Collins did decide to keep playing, he would have two hurdles in front of him. He would need to find a team willing to take on a player with a major red flag in the health department and he would need to pass a physical for a team that was willing to take on the risk.

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  1. Wish him the best, whatever that may be. Easy for all of us to say hang it up, but we aren’t that good to be able to play in the first place.

  2. In the big money world of the NFL it is refreshing that a GM would care so much for a player. Thompson cares for all of his players.Deeply. With love and compassion,,,

  3. I hope the Packers can find a job for him in the organization. Obviously I haven’t seen Collins’ medical file, but it really sounds like a bad idea for him to continue playing.

  4. This one sucks to bad. Collins was a lot of fun to watch grow. He started as a rookie who was so athletic but so inconsistent (and he wore #36, to boot, shortly after the great LeRoy Butler). Then things started clicking for him a few years ago and he was one of the top safeties in the NFC. And now he’s likely done.

    I think the worst part is how it happened. It looked so routine — I’m sure players take similar knees to the head a few times a game, but it just happened to hit at just the right angle, and the rest is history.

    Best of luck, whatever you decide to do Nick.

  5. Nick was by far the most talented player on our defense he’s going to be hard to replace. Thanks for the pick-six in the super bowl- and every other big play you made.

  6. The Packers always error on the side of caution with players who have suffered some kind of neck trauma. Sterling Sharpe, Terrance Murphy and Jeremy Thompson all come to mind.

    Whether you believe they do that to avoid responsiblity for the player or they do it because they care. Does it have to be one or the other, can’t it be both?

  7. “In the big money world of the NFL it is refreshing that a GM would care so much for a player. Thompson cares for all of his players.Deeply. With love and compassion,,,”

    This is the PFT I miss.

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