NFL statement regarding NFLPA grievances

[Editor’s note:  The NFL has issued a statement in response to the grievances filed by the NFLPA in response to suspensions imposed upon four players, Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove, and Scott Fujita.  The full text appears below.]

On May 2, Commissioner Goodell suspended four current or former New Orleans Saints players for conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the NFL based on their participation in the pay-for-performance/bounty program that operated during the 2009-2011 seasons.

Last night, the NFLPA initiated two arbitration proceedings challenging the suspensions. The proceedings do not challenge the underlying facts, which were first shared with the union more than two months ago after being obtained from Saints executives, coaches, players, and others. The proceedings also do not challenge the reasonableness of the discipline imposed by the commissioner.

In one proceeding, the union seeks immunity for the four suspended players, a position it never advanced during months of discussion on this matter. In the other, the union argues that someone other than the commissioner should have imposed the discipline.

We expect that the arbitrators will 1) reject the union’s efforts to protect players from accountability for prohibited and dangerous conduct directed against other players and 2) uphold the disciplinary process that was so carefully negotiated in the Collective Bargaining less than a year ago.

11 responses to “NFL statement regarding NFLPA grievances

  1. I like how everyone says the NFL has evidence against the Saints players.

    Maybe they do, but they haven’t shown it to the public. And it’s not like Goodell has never lied to us.

    I know it’s PFT and many of y’all like to see the players suffer, but you should at least want to see the evidence.

  2. Tommyf15, if you truly believe there is no evidence could you please explain why Greg Williams, Sean Payton and the other front office staff/coaches that have been suspended have not raise a holy heck stink about thier suspensions?

  3. jasonkge says: Tommyf15, if you truly believe there is no evidence

    Dude, right in my post it says that the evidence against the players may exist.

    I’d like to see it.

  4. jasonkge : could you please explain why Greg Williams, Sean Payton and the other front office staff/coaches that have been suspended have not raise a holy heck stink about thier suspensions?

    Because the coaches do not have a union. They appealed and Goodell said ‘NO’.

  5. The thing is we have the evidence. Zero cart-offs in that 3 year span. This was an ill-conceived motivation ploy.

    Stop using the confusing bounty term and separate it into “pay to injure” and “pay for performance.”

    If this was truly a pay to injure scheme, then you might not see a cart-off in only a 1 year frame. However, 3 years is plenty enough sample size to have one — A MERE ONE. Which there was none.

    Not one coach or player has admitted to a pay to injure program. They are getting punished as if they have. All because Goodell wants to puff his chest about how strong he is on player safety.

    Despite what you hear on the Gregg Williams tape, he never offers money to do the things he suggests. A stupid motivational speech to get his players in a frame of mind for a playoff game.

    Show us the evidence of a pay to injure program and we Saints fans will gladly shut it.

  6. my previous post was removed, I guess it wasnt very politically correct to call Roger Goodell a dirtbag in an expensive suit.

  7. Why do fans think they have the right to have all of the evidence laid out before us? They are in the appeals process…do you really think they would drop off everything they have at ESPN headquarters so the media can determine how they want to spin public opinion?

  8. All parties deserved to be suspended. I thought the punishments were pretty fair. Going out of your way to put monetary reward in place to injure guys and potentially ruin their careers and their means of supporting their families is disgusting.

  9. I said when Goodell announced the “punishments”, that they were too weak. Every single person who was involved with the bounties, in any way, should have been banned for life.

    In a bygone era, they most definitely would have.

  10. In a bygone era they most definitely would have.

    In a bygone era, NFL films would have released a video by now with a cheesey title like “Swamp Monsters,” talking ahout how awesome they were.

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