As expected, Matt Light calls it quits


Patriots left tackle Matt Light, after barely more than a decade in the NFL, has decided to call it a career.

The Patriots officially announced the move on Monday.

“For the past 11 seasons, Matt’s many accomplishments, both on and off the field, made him the consummate Patriot,” owner Robert Kraft said.  “His contributions helped the Patriots become champions on the field and in the community.  For more than a decade, Matt anchored the offensive line and protected Tom Brady’s blind side, delivering three Super Bowl titles and five conference championships during his tenure.  And as proud as I am of Matt’s many contributions to those championship teams, I truly believe that Light’s lasting legacy will be measured by the many positive things he has done to help others in the community.  His investment in the lives of children will pay dividends for generations to come.  Matt will always be a member of the Patriots family and we wish him and his family all the best in the future.”

So why now?

When you know it’s your time, you just know,” Light said Monday at a press conference, via Mary Paoletti of

Light leaves at the old-by-football-standards-but-not-decrepit age of 33.

“I’ve got a daughter that’s 10 and I’ve got two boys that are knuckleheads,” Light said.  “They need a lot of guidance and a lot more time.  One of these things that was apparent over the last few seasons was it takes a lot longer to recover the older you get.  It took a lot to give more than a hug and a ‘Good morning’ to my family.”

Though Light said nothing to suggest that the door could never reopen (then again, neither did Brett Favre in 2008 . . . or 2009 . . . or 2010), quarterback Tom Brady isn’t ready to move on.

“I’m certainly going to miss him and I’m still going to try to talk him out of retirement because I still want him back here for a few more years,” Brady said.

We don’t envision Light returning.  Then again, far crazier things have happened.  In the last two months.

44 responses to “As expected, Matt Light calls it quits

  1. Only 2 original Spygaters left on the team, and of course the spygate kingpins Belicheater and Ernie Adams.

  2. And his last football memory will be of Eli making another last minute drive to win the Super Bowl. Doesn’t get any better.

  3. Best of luck to someone who by all accounts is a great guy. Pats nation is grateful for everything he did for the team and community…

  4. Very good career. Gonna miss him. Loved watching him catch punts in training camp so that the team could get the night off. Good luck in the future. See you at all of the Dynasty reunions.

  5. Perhaps in light of the death of Junior Seau we’ll see more players “retire” earlier. More than 10 years in the NFL is probably too much for anyone honestly.

  6. It’s not a big surprise. When an LTs skills go, they go quick.

    Patriots fans still remember the beloved Bruce Armstrong who probably stayed a year or two too long even though he was a Pro Bowler in 97.

    Of course Armstrong was still one of the best tackles on the team at that point due to bad drafting, but I think Light knows that while he could eek out a few more million, he’d rather go out on top of his game than have people question whether he should step down.

  7. Once again, the Sony videocamera gets short shrift when it comes to credit for those Super Bowl titles. Maybe the camera can sue or something…

  8. mattwalshvideo says:
    May 7, 2012 4:24 PM
    Only 2 original Spygaters left on the team, and of course the spygate kingpins Belicheater and Ernie Adams.

    To which, most Pats “fans” reply: Who is Ernie Adams?

    If only they knew that Adams was the real MVP of those three Super Bowl title teams.

  9. Respect.

    Many outside the New England fan base don’t realize the commitment he’s made to the community outside football. Mr. Kraft nailed it.

    To go a step further.. now when you look in the dictionary under “football player,” you don’t just see a picture of Bruschi but also of Matt Light.

    It’s a real shame that a guy like this, who is a dad thats looking forward to raising his children, that has had none of the usual “legal/finacial headlines” which accompany, seemingly, the majority of all NFL players.. gets some of this garbage thrown at him.

    It really makes you shake your head sometimes.

  10. I’ll miss ML and wish him well.
    His legendary pranks were almost as good as his consistent play.

    He may describe his boys as “knuckleheads” but he’s probably not seen some of the juveniles who post stuff like some of the comments above.

  11. For all the spy gate and cheater fans:

    There isn’t a team out there who hasn’t had players reprimanded for using steroids or other performance enhancing substances.

    I also assume you don’t have a clue what was being used before the league started testing players.

    So I guess my point is that every single team is in one fashion or another, at one time or another, WERE cheaters.

    Get over it. The Patriots have been to the Superbowl 5 times in the last 10 years, accept it.

    And the Sullivans owned this team for years before Kraft. When the Sullivans owned this team it was the pits. They were the worst owners ever IMO.

    So let the Patriots fans rejoice, they suffered for decades.

  12. Great, classy posts by the usual crowd here at PFT. Does it ever get old, MattWalshVideo, Zaggs, and Bozo? Why can’t you just get a life instead of responding to all things Patriots?

  13. If only they knew that Adams was the real MVP of those three Super Bowl title teams

    I once made the acquaintance of a left wing kook that used to rant about Karl Rove much the same way.

    He’s dead now, but I suppose that’s not relevant.

  14. He just doesn’t want to face Q COPLES the new York jets #1 pic. there’s no way light can stop Q COPLES that’s why he retired so fast

  15. Eleven seasons, five Super Bowl appearances, and three Super Bowl wins as a left tackle. He’s a New England Patriot Hall of Famer for sure and an NFL Hall of Famer if they factor in the quality of the human being.

  16. Great career, great player, great man. Part of a dynasty, which we will never see in NFL again.

    BTW, yes some of us Pats fans know who Earnie Adams is. Belichick would probably be 50% less of a good coach without him

  17. Belichick is great. I love the way he sh_t on the Jets while praising Light:

    “Our relationship goes back a long way. In the draft in 2001, we actually traded up ahead of the Jets, because we felt that they would be taking an offensive tackle and we wanted to make sure that we got Matt. We felt that he would be a real good player for our team. We drafted Matt, and they took Kareem McKenzie a couple picks later.”

    Kareem McKenzie, you remember him Bozo, very good right tackle that use to block for Curtis Martin that he Jets let go to the Giants, where McKenzie won a Super Bowl.

  18. Bozo couldn’t get a life if it was crammed up his Yankee Lovin Crack

    Bozo says ” To which, most Pats “fans” reply: Who is Ernie Adams?”

    Bozo now speaks for all Patriots fans despite the fact he doesn’t even know a single Pats fan

    Bozo is a sad clown

  19. Funny how fans take on the character of the teams they follow: Jets organization somewhat clownish spawns Bozo and his crowd while the envy of the Jets, the organized, classy Patriots gives rise to the fans in this post and their thoughtful comments on Matt Light. You make the choice who you want to cast your fate with.

  20. As expected, Matt Light calls it quits – Demands money promised from Beliprick to keep his mouth shut…..

  21. Nice career, and by all accounts a great locker room guy and consistent performer. I guess he finished at the Pats #3 all-time O-lineman (Hannah, Armstrong?)

    In any case, the full text of the comments from Light, Belicheck, and Kraft provide as much insight into the true “Patriot Way” as anything I’ve seen.

    Cheers to you, number 72.

  22. or Kyle Williams or Marcell. Nah in all seriousness he was pretty darn good. O linemen are the key to success and the Pats have had that proof; he will be missed by only one team and not by any others.

  23. mattwalshvideo says: May 7, 2012 4:24 PM

    Only 2 original Spygaters left on the team, and of course the spygate kingpins Belicheater and Ernie Adams.


    True, now they are apparently cheating for other teams. Interesting indeed.

  24. Bozo is going for a record… Highest thumbs down to thumbs up ratio in PFT history.

    Given the clear and unquestioned lack of popularity if his inane and thoroughly unfunny and uncreative smack talk I think he’s getting close.

    What IS funny is that he and his brethren don’t even realize the extent to which they humiliate themselves.

  25. Anyways, serious point/question; Light has been a member of teams that have won (I think ) AFC easts, been in 6 AFC CG, 5 Superbowls and won 3…
    … Is this a case of a player who maybe isn’t saying “I won’t play n the NFL for fear of the effects of head injuries” but is saying “I won’t play anymore because I’ve come to realize the risk over the last few years so I’m done.”? Florio is rightfully looking for someone unwilling to do this; at 33 coming off arguably his best pro year, maybe Light is the real turning point, not Seau (RIP).

  26. patriots123456 –

    Thank you. I’ve been a fan of this team since ’73 when I was still a kid. I totally agree with what you wrote.

    To everyone who wonders why Matt is leaving now even though it seems he could still do this for a few more years, think of these things:

    When someone dedicates their life to a sport, to become a professional what is their ultimate goal? To win a championship or at least be on one of the teams trying to win it. How many actually get the chance? Matt was not in just one, but five championships. His team did not win just one, but three of those. How many players can say that when they hang them up? So what more does he have to try and earn or go for? Why risk getting injured at this point? I can understand why some players would continue to try and get to that point, but for Matt it’s a “been there, done that”.

    Also, being a father myself I applaud him for the reasons he stated about his kids. They are at an age where having both parents around as much as possible is very important. Being a professional whatever in life is tough to do, but being a good parent is even tougher. Sounds like Matt may be at the same level there as he was on the field.

    Thanks for all the memories, your time and giving of yourself to this team Matt. You will be missed. Good luck with the parenting and life.

  27. Sad to see him go. Just an overall good guy. I had a chance to sit next to him and Koppen on a flight once and they were just normal guys.

    Light was as solid as you can get for 11 seasons at LT. Ive heard a lot of Pats fans (not on here, but in person) crap on this guy. They will now see just how good he was for the Patriots for over a decade.

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