Jordan Palmer lands in Jacksonville

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Jordan Palmer proved to the Jaguars that he can back up a quarterback who doesn’t share his DNA.

Palmer was dumped by the Bengals last year after spending three years behind older brother Carson in Cincinnati and wasn’t able to land another job before or after big bro wound up in Oakland. He’s back to work now, though.

The Jaguars announced Monday that Palmer was one of seven players signed after tryouts during their rookie minicamp over the weekend. The team also announced the release of six players. One of them is quarterback Dan LeFevour, which means Palmer has the inside track on the third quarterback spot in Jacksonville.

Wide receiver Jarrett Dillard and safety Akwasi Owusu-Ansah were also released. Dillard was drafted in the fifth round of the 2009 Draft, but has just 35 catches in his first three seasons with a team that was always looking for help at receiver. Owusu-Ansah was a fourth-round pick of the Cowboys in 2010, but was cut by Dallas during the 2011 season. He played four games with the Jags after signing with them in December. The other players saying goodbye to Jacksonville are wide receiver Jarrett Boykin, wide receiver Nelson Rosario and defensive end Frank Trotter.

Unfortunately for those of us who enjoy a good name, kicker Long Ding did not show the Jaguars enough to earn a contract. Those who did include fullback Naufahu Tahi (as mentioned in one-liners), defensive tackle Odrick Ray, wide receiver Mike Brown, wide receiver Chris Forcier, linebacker Donovan Richard and defensive back Jeremiah Brown.

16 responses to “Jordan Palmer lands in Jacksonville

  1. Long Ding for a kicker… sounds appropriate. Be a matter of time before he gets a call from Letterman!

  2. Josh was looking for a reason to put Long Ding in a post. Nobody cares about Jordan Palmer but he was the perfect patsy to offer up a reason to say Long Ding in a post.

    Good job. I hope Long Ding can catch on somewhere so that we can at least hear it through the preseason.

  3. So Jax now likes Bengals retreads? First LeFevour now Jordan Palmer.

    This can’t be good.

  4. If you want a clue as to why Jordan Palmer is now in Jax; follow the co-ordinator.

    Bob Bratkowski is the Jags OC, and used to coach-up Little Palmer in Cincy. He obviously thought JP was good then too.

    Boy am I glad they are both ex-Bengals,

  5. I don’t know who to feel more sorry for, Jags fans or Blackmon?… Gabbert, Henne, Palmer? Ouch.

  6. I bet I can tell you what Brat is going to call for the first half of your first game.

    And wait till he calls a screen on 3rd and 44, for the 3rd time in a row.

  7. “We got Palmer, we got Palmer!

    Oh, Jordan. Never mind.”

    Carson sucks too.

  8. Is he related to Long Dic Dong from that 80s movie with jon cusack nd that red head chick?

  9. man im so happy we got rid of carson…..i didnt mind jordan though…i know anyone can look good in preseason, but he can hold his own….good job jax

  10. Just so you’re sure, Jag’s fans…Jordan is not Carson. Sadly, he may be better than Gabbert though. Not trying to hate, I just sympathize with you guys.

    BTW- Are you guys having fun with Brat yet? Is he still sitting up in his booth calling shovel passes in 3rd and 17? We hated him here in Cincy.

  11. Said Jaguars QB Jordan Palmer, “I’m looking to come in here and help Blaine [Gabbert] just being an older guy, help Blaine with anything I can, whether it’s something I’ve experienced or something that my brother’s experienced. In terms of helping out other positions, as a backup quarterback that’s a big job.”

    He doesn’t even strive to be a starter, not good.

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