PFT Live: Saints talk and Vikings stadium updates

The Saints have been one of the biggest topics this offseason and they’ll be a big topic on Tuesday’s edition of PFT Live as well.

James Varney of the New Orleans Times Picayune will join Mike Florio to discuss life around the Saints. Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith are fighting their suspensions with the league, but we’ll find out how the team is planning to deal with their absences as well as the general mood around the team after the last few chaotic months.

Also joining Florio are NFL Executive V.P. Eric Grubman and Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, both of whom will have plenty of insight about the latest stadium developments in Minnesota.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

14 responses to “PFT Live: Saints talk and Vikings stadium updates

  1. This will be amazing if they take the Ryan Braun approach and blame everyone else after all they did. talk about a violent backlash, i wouldnt want to be a fan of that team or the nfl in general if that happens.

  2. Raise your hand if you live outside of Minnesota and care whether or not the Vikings get a stadium, and / or whether they stay in Minnesota or move to L.A.

    Seriously. I’ve never seen more be made out of such a local event. Does anyone else care?

    The only outrage I see is the league whining because the tax payers won’t build them a state-of-the-art stadium and the taxpayers not wanting to do it.

    If the league doesn’t like it, then freaking move to L.A. If the tax payers don’t want the team to move, then pony up. If one is not willing to call the others bluff, then this is a non-story.

  3. The NFL is angry with the Saints because no one ever admitted a pay-for-injury program. The NFL did not have the goods to prove a pay-for-injury program, so they railroaded the team in the media and laid down some harsh punishments.

    Now, it’s beginning to look like the NFL is getting called out about its lack of evidence.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there is some evidence or hearsay about a pay-for-performance program and some mean talk by Greg Williams, but if that’s all there is, the league really did go overboard, especially with Vilma’s suspension.

    …if the glove does not fit, you must acquit…–that’s the Saints defense. The on-field play does not reflect a pay-to-injury program.

  4. lonespeed:

    I live nowhere near Minny but I grew up in the area and have been a Vikings fan my entire life. Are you implying that because I don’t live there I shouldn’t care?

    Gee, I hope your family lives close to you…..

  5. I care ! Living in NY, Ive been A Vikes Fan for Over 41 years and it would be a travesty to throw away 50 years of history.

  6. @genericuser8888. Hargrove admitted to being involved in the bounty system. As much as I dont like Godell I am pretty sure he wouldnt have done what he did with out sufficient evidence.

  7. They better get this 105 million crap figured out. I would imagine that was brought up by some GOP member that didn’t get what they wanted from Dayton. Since he is so pro stadium they want to screw it up. WE WILL REMEMBER COME NOVEMBER!

  8. Lonespeed

    Yes, I live in Texas and I do care about the Vikings stadium situation. If their stadium doesn’t get built, they will likely move to Los Angeles and that affects the league.

    Although personally, I wish they would consider San Antonio. 🙂

  9. I grew up in Minnesota and I have been a Viking fan from the day they started up in Minnesota but what is going on now in Minnesota is no different that what goes on everyday in Washington, the topics are different but it does not matter what side of the political fence your on it is always about the party and what is best for them, they do not care about the voters then the NFL cares about the fans. I now live in Illinois and were are so lucky, our last two Governors are in prison and they each belong to a different party.

  10. “I care ! Living in NY, Ive been A Vikes Fan for Over 41 years and it would be a travesty to throw away 50 years of history.”
    If there is any team that should be happy to throw their miserable history into the burn pit it should the Vikings! Their “hundreds” of fans could each light a match.

  11. Lonespeed: It’s not the taxpayers that don’t want to build the stadium, it’s the Tea Party/Neo Conservative Republicans in office (and out for that matter) that don’t.

    I’m sure a few extremists from both ends will take issue with my comment, but the reasonable people (on both sides) are just frustrated with the politics being played.

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