Jones confirms that Thursday’s hearing won’t resolve cap issue


With the Cowboys and Redskins getting a hearing on their grievance against the NFL and the NFLPA arising from the removal of $46 million in salary cap space from both teams, Dallas owner Jerry Jones reiterates that the Cowboys complied with the cap rules in 2010.

“The league has not said we did not follow the rules and those were approved contracts, but this [is a] complicated issue, and that’s about all I need to be saying about it and want to say about it,” Jones said at the team’s annual golf tournament, via the Dallas Morning News.

Jones said enough to confirm that the issue won’t be resolved at Thursday’s hearing before Special Master Stephen Burbank.

“I can’t and won’t address the specifics and certainly wouldn’t dare try to predict what the resolution will be,” Jones said.  “I’m glad we’ve got an opportunity to present it under the labor agreement to a mediator.   It won’t resolve the issue, but it will help decide whether or not we can go before a mediator.”

Though no mediator is involved (yet), Jones is saying (we think) that Burbank will indeed be taking up the question of whether the Cowboys and Redskins have the ability to pursue relief under the labor deal, given that the NFL and the NFLPA agreed to the imposition of the cap penalties.  As we reported last month, the NFL filed a “motion to dismiss” the grievance, arguing that the Redskins and Cowboys have no recourse under the CBA since the union signed off on the removal and redistribution of cap space.

If a grievance under the CBA won’t fly, the Cowboys and Redskins will have to pursue relief through other avenues.  The real question is whether they will.

It’s one thing to file a grievance under the labor deal.  It’s quite another to go full-blown Al Davis and file a federal lawsuit against the league.

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  1. I don’t think Goodell can wriggle outta this one. ‘Boys and Skins should prevail. Thanks Mr. Mara for making the opening game even more intense. Don’t think Jerry doesn’t want that game BAD !!!

  2. For all the talk you hear about Kraft, Rooney, Jones the only owner with real balls you mentioned and he is dead.

  3. This has nothing to do with Goodell, this is the other owners lead by Mara to impose a penalty against teams in his own division instead of lowering the salary cap, collusion on part of the owners and the NFLPA, just like the collusion the other owners colluded to keep salaries low during a uncapped season, Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder did nothing wrong, they followed the NON rules in an uncapped year and the other owners and league approved those contracts…to penalize them two years later is ridiculous!!

  4. All football fans should be worried if the Skins and Boys don’t prevail. This has deep rooted and disturbing consequences.

  5. There is noo way the Skins and Cowboys are going to get a fair evaluation by Burbank, he’s hired by the NFL and NFLPA…. The two who are accused of collusion which points to corruption which points to dishonesty which points to deformation of character by Roger Goodell and D Smith. Could you imagine the implications of this if they are found guilty of these things? Especially after the harsh punishments handed down in the Boutny scandal by Goodell. If he’s found guilty of corruption those involved in the bounty would be in an uproar and rightfully so. This case is way to big to be handled by someone hired by the two parties in question and needs to be arbitrated by a completely “OUTSIDE” source. Burbank is not going to fins “against’ those who are paying him for him time and employes him..

  6. philvil41 says:May 10, 2012 12:33 PM

    The great Al Davis would know how to win this case.R.I.P Mr. Davis the N.F.L. will never be the same without you.

    Yup. Ole Al would call a presser and fire up the old overhead projector. Bit of a coot at times but I miss the guy-the NFL was more entertaining with him.

  7. Rules of an uncapped season (paraphrased): You can pay a guy as much as you want no limits. A legitmate allowable competitive advnantage for the uncapped year.

    What you can’t do is pay a guy so much in this year that he takes less in future years. By paying these guys huge salaries not huge signing bonuses, the redskins and the cowboys gained a competitive advantage by having already lured the big free agents and now pay them a small percentage of their worth releative to the reimposed salary cap.

    I’m tired of hearing the mis-represented arguement and reason for penalty. If the cowboys and redskins thought free agent X was worth 12M in salary a year in 2010 then why is he only worth 1.5 in 2011? its the precipitous drop in SALARY that was a violation of the non-rule of which all teams were warned.

    I’m all for inspection on the amount of penalty and whether or not it was warranted but stop saying the two teams did “nothing wrong”

  8. These words come to mind”The Redskins and The Cowboys did not break any rules”.

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