New Broncos quarterback debuts new throwing motion


No, this isn’t an item that has been lost in Al Gore’s technological tubes-and-wires pasta since 2010.  Two years after the Broncos broke in a quarterback of the future who needed to reverse years of muscle memory by changing his throwing motion, they have another.


Quarterback Brock Osweiler, who arrives via a second-round pick that could have been devoted to a player that could help the Broncos win with Peyton Manning, is working to change the way he gets rid of the ball.

“[T]his is my first practice with this new throwing motion,” Osweiler said, via comments distributed by the team.  “I felt very comfortable with it.  I felt more consistent with my accuracy — where I was trying to put the ball, for the most part, the ball ended up there.  So, I was very happy with it and now I just have to keep building upon that.”

Osweiler explained that he’s “getting my elbow raised up” as he cranks his arm.  “A lot of times in college, my elbow would drop below my shoulder, if you will,” Osweiler said.  “When you do that, you lose velocity, you lose accuracy [and] you’re less consistent with your throws.  We basically made a huge point to bring that elbow up to a more traditional throwing motion and get it above my shoulder.”

That’s fine, and it may work well when the Broncos are practicing and/or Osweiler isn’t otherwise under duress of any kind.  But once Osweiler finds himself in a sea of bodies, going through his progressions while trying to find an open receiver and unload the ball before someone unloads on him, that new throwing motion may get thrown out the window — just like is does whenever the team’s former quarterback of the future doesn’t have a chance to remember to ditch instinctive body movements that he is trying so hard to unlearn.

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  1. Why not just let let these guys stay with what made them successful in college and their entire football career? Tebow has failed at changing his motion so far and I’m sure Brock will suffer the same fate. If you don’t like a guy’s mechanics then don’t draft him. Let alone in the second round.

  2. I never get this.
    Ok, he made the throws in HS, he made the throws in NCAA, and now in the NFL they will draft him based on what he’s done but then tell him; Oh no, bad throwing motion. No matter how much coaching is involved in the heat of the moment (on the run, under fire, etc) a guy’s gonna resort to throw the way that comes naturally to him.

  3. It can be successful, particularly in a situation like this has the potential to be. If he can basically sit for 2-3 seasons and work on it, it can become what he does and not have as big of a risk to revert to his old motion. Aaron Rodgers retooled his throwing motion after college and got to basically sit for 3 seasons and now is one of the best in the game.

  4. Try and not mention whackos like Al Gore…according to him and all his “scientific data”, we only have about 3 years left on this planet…what an idiot (sadly the only people dumber are those who believe him).

  5. Two different players and two different college records. The story assumes everyone is the same once they are molded, but to beat this robotic concept to death is plain moronic. The writer needs to report stories and not keep his pet outlooks coloring every single story like the broken record he keeps posting.

  6. Yo there Mikeboy, it’s called player development, every player makes critical mechanical changes converting from College to Pro, QB footwork is just as importation as delivery, are you going to criticize that as well.

  7. Florio you really should let it go that Denver drafted a QB. Brock was the best player on the board when he was taken. You don’t fault a team for that. Every position turns into a need area within a few years.

  8. Burning a second round pick on a sixth round QB. Good luck Peyton – no-ones going to need it more than you.

  9. What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

  10. The dude is like nine feet tall. He will not have alot of passes blocked. I think QB coaches ruin some players by trying to change everything that made the succesful in college. I despise the Broncos, but I hope they don’t torpedo this young man’s career by over coaching him.

  11. It’s not like Tebow is the end all be all in cases of QBs having their throwing motion changed. One of the best if not the best QB in the NFL Aaron Rodgers had has throwing motion rebuilt from scratch by Mike McCarthy since he had 3 years to sit on the bench behind Favre. It’s a luxury Osweiler will most likely receive as well… unless you see him starting over Manning i.e. never happening

  12. He already had a Phillip Rivers quick flick release so why mess with it?? I think this dude will be the next Aaron Rodgers TYPE star in the NFL. They will change his mechanics slightly like they did Rodgers as he backs up & learns from a future Hall of Famer. Watch out AFC West,,,,, John Elway & Jon Fox have built a young, stellar team. Solid drafting and kick ass free agents have added to a punishing defense, kicking game, several young, huge fast wide-receivers, and runningbacks. This team is going places. I’m not a Denver fan by any means,,,,,, just a huge NFL fan period so watch out for Denver, Detroit, Buffalo, ATL, Seabirds, and the Chargers (except for the inept Norv Turner, who will continue to destroy a playoff caliber team cause he is an idiot). These teams have most of the right pieces in place now so barring major injuries to their star players they should make a lot of noise.

  13. I like they way u think Craig Kleinpeter. I read ur post after I made my comment and u see & said the same things I think. Well put dude…….very observant and intuitive.

  14. Tony Romo was a side arm before the NFL and sounds like he’s gonna get plenty of time to learn it, plus he’s changed his motion to resemble the guy in front of him. It’s worked for him.

  15. For some rookie QBs, its better to sit behind a great QB for a few years. These days, teams wants a young guy to start right away and be successful right away which is why you have busts. If Rodgers would have started right away, he could have easily become a bust but lucky for him he had farve to sit behind. Alex smith started right away and he struggled until last season, its easy to work on your throwing motion in practice than playing in a game. Tebow I believe is a 3three to four year project and I believe had it not been for the fans, he’ll still be a bronco and more closer to being where he needed to be. Like rodgers, brock has the same luxury to sit and learn from manning for a few years and with caleb on the roster, he doesn’t have to worry about being rushed to play in a game

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