Raiders sign Owen Schmitt

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Owen Schmitt’s tryout in Oakland went well.

The Raiders announced on Tuesday that they have signed Schmitt, a free agent fullback who played the last two seasons with the Eagles after playing two seasons before that for the Seahawks.

Schmitt played in all 16 games for the Eagles last season, starting five of them at fullback. He has been used exclusively as a blocker for most of his career, although in 2010 the Eagles got him involved in the passing game a bit and he had a career-high 19 catches for 136 yards and a touchdown.

The Seahawks took Schmitt in the fifth round of the 2008 NFL draft after an excellent college career at West Virginia that culminated with a Fiesta Bowl game in which he had a 57-yard “runaway beer truck” touchdown run.

21 responses to “Raiders sign Owen Schmitt

  1. Looks like I might have to invest in a new jersey. I loved watching him play at WVU and always had that little voice in the back of my head hoping he would be a Raider…..

    Another great under the radar move that improves the team and it’s attitude Reggie.

    Al would be proud, very proud.

  2. I’ll always remember Owen Schmitt for smacking himself in the head with his own helmet so hard he started bleeding.

    This guy is a lock for filing a concussion lawsuit the minute he’s out of the league.

  3. Yeeeeeeeah! Give that boy the ROCK, baby!

    You won’t regret it Dennis. Forget them other fools. Use ’em as decoys. Get Med-Evil on ’em.

    Where Uncle Buck at?

  4. Another low profile but real solid signing. He’ll open more than few holes for McFadden.

  5. Time for the rest off the AFC West to understand what getting Schmitt-faced is all about!

    I wish he was still in Seattle.

  6. Not sure why the Birds let him walk, but I suppose a solid FB is just about as valued as a backup long snapper in the NFL…

  7. Isn’t this the same guy that used to smash his helmut into his own face before games until blood started gushing at WVU?

    I hope he has made plans to donate his brain to science when his time on this earth is finished. Should be an interesting study.

  8. This frees up Reece to get more touches at WR/TE/FB/HB he will be an even bigger part of the offense this year.

  9. Another great move by Big Reg. Reece will be in camp, signing his tender soon enough. He has no leverage and Big Reg will take care of him long term, eventually.

  10. Another worthless addition to a team that needed a vet RB instead. We all know McFadden is going down at some point, and what you have behind him is a joke.

    Losing Bush will prove to be the biggest off-season mistake, which is saying something for this franchise.

  11. You gotta love the same worthless trolls stepping in their own doo on every Raider thread.

    3rd grade must have let out early.

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