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Reid says contract talks with McCoy are “heading in the right direction”

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Eagles coach Andy Reid may be intent on giving running back LeSean McCoy fewer touches in 2012, but the guy who runs the football operation in Philly also seems determined to give McCoy more money.

Said Reid in an interview with 97.5 The Fanatic, via through (yes, sometimes giving credit sounds like a draft pick that has been traded by multiple teams), “I can’t share [details] with everybody, but I will tell you it is heading in the right direction.  That’s all I can tell you.”

That’s a lot more than the Eagles ordinarily will tell anyone about contract discussions with a player.

But there’s more.
“He knows we appreciate him and we are working through those negotiations and I think good things will happen,” Reid said.

Even if things are “heading in the right direction,” getting to the place where “good things . . . happen” could be a challenge in light of the current veteran running back market.  Two guys (Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson) have gotten huge money, one guy (Arian Foster) has gotten really good money, a couple of others (Matt Forte and Ray Rice) are trying their damnedest to get something between really good and huge money, and everyone else gets paid at best like a pretty good kicker.

McCoy reasonably could attempt to get into Peterson/Johnson territory, but the Eagles have the leverage that comes from a $615,000 salary in 2012 and a franchise tag in 2012 that may not be much more than the $7.7 million it currently is.  The question is whether the Eagles will use that leverage, if McCoy aims as high as he plausibly can.

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23 Responses to “Reid says contract talks with McCoy are “heading in the right direction””
  1. hulkhogansays says: May 15, 2012 7:17 AM

    Such a great talent is McCoy but I repeat with Reid and QB#7, it’s like a dead end for the surrounding talent, brother.

  2. eagles107 says: May 15, 2012 7:25 AM

    Pay that man!! And DRC while you’re at it

  3. eagleg17 says: May 15, 2012 7:27 AM

    Pay the man!

  4. cleverbob says: May 15, 2012 7:40 AM

    I’m thinking slightly higher than Arian Foster price range. Don’t give him CJ money, his wallet will drag him down.

  5. tinkletinkleonyourstar says: May 15, 2012 8:03 AM

    i’m too tired this morning to come up with one myself so will someone else come up with a way to take this headline and make the andy reid/food association?

  6. jerseybrian3 says: May 15, 2012 8:04 AM

    Some of the cuts this guy can do are simply amazing. Hope to see him in eagles green for along time.

  7. bleed4philly says: May 15, 2012 8:07 AM

    5 years, 55 million, 25 million guaranteed, do it!

  8. jacksaysfu says: May 15, 2012 8:14 AM

    The closest player to Barry Sanders (not saying he’s better) , but Lesean’s moves are incredible. Shady’s cuts & tackle breaking ability (best RB in NFL at breaking tackles) are ridiculous & McCoy needs to get signed asap . Not many people could replace Brian Westbrook in the Eagles offense , but Lesean did it seamlessly..

  9. sterilizecromartie says: May 15, 2012 8:21 AM

    For those of us who live near Philly we know that is a typical Andy Reid response. He speaks a lot but says nothing.

  10. bag217 says: May 15, 2012 8:29 AM

    The only direction fat Andy is heading is to the buffet.

  11. jgedgar70 says: May 15, 2012 8:29 AM

    Florio, if you’re going to mention running backs making ridiculous money, don’t forget about DeAngelo Williams – one of two guys (Charles Johnson being the other) that the Panthers WAY overpaid for right after the CBA was signed.

  12. kevsright says: May 15, 2012 8:30 AM

    Pay up, Eagles! He’s well worth the $$.
    Use the savings from dumping Bad Newz..

  13. realnflmaster says: May 15, 2012 9:26 AM

    Now have they contracted Reid’s buffet rights for 2012 is the question.

  14. bankai78 says: May 15, 2012 9:34 AM

    Eagles need to pay this woman!

  15. eaglesnoles05 says: May 15, 2012 9:47 AM

    McCoy rules, maybe the best 53rd pick in the draft ever, maybe the best RB in the NFL today (stressing the maybe), but I’m still not one of the people who has EVER seen ANYONE who makes me say “close to Barry Sanders.”

  16. tombrookshire says: May 15, 2012 9:59 AM

    Eagles contend that they are a passing and not a running team, therefore they don’t owe him Peterson money. Yet, the Eagles ran the ball right up there with the Vikes and Texans last year when Shady accumulated big totals. So now you pay the man what he’s worth, not according to how much you plan to use him in 2012 esp. when you expect to water down the running game. But, that’s our penny pinching Eagles.

  17. sd5547 says: May 15, 2012 10:09 AM

    Reid wants more control to ensure all contract negotiations are handled properly, over lunch or dinner.

  18. jucam1 says: May 15, 2012 11:08 AM

    I love the “penny pinching” comment, look at the amount of money they spent last year, all the players they resigned this year, and we all know they’ll back the brinks truck up for Shady…. Enough with the hate. They might not always spend money wisely, but they spend a lot of it…. Can’t fault them for being smart negotiators….

  19. geo1113 says: May 15, 2012 11:26 AM


    Do you have a reference to this, “Eagles contend that they are a passing and not a running team, therefore they don’t owe him Peterson money”? I have seen a number of writers contend that the Eagles won;t pay him AP money, but when did the team say this?

    “So now you pay the man what he’s worth, not according to how much you plan to use him in 2012 esp. when you expect to water down the running game. But, that’s our penny pinching Eagles.”

    I didn’t hear the Eagles say they want to water down the running game. They want to give McCoy fewer touches in order to extend his career. To help in that endeavor, they have brought in a couple rookies RBs (and Ronnie Brown last year although that didn’t work out.) Also, part of the contract negotiation does involve how you want to use a guy. As for penny pinching, I just saw them give DeSean Jackson a pretty nice contract.

  20. phillyfan4ever says: May 15, 2012 11:28 AM

    The Eagles are masters of the cap, they will front load a contract and trade him in 2-3 years after they used him up

  21. biasedhomer says: May 15, 2012 11:39 AM

    He should get Arian Foster money. Higher than that would be stupid given the RB market.

  22. alaricsrevenge says: May 15, 2012 12:38 PM

    With Peters out I hope they give McCoy less touches. Peters is the best LT in the NFL and was a major factor in the sucess of the run game last year. McCoy deserves the coin for sure though.

  23. deathmonkey41 says: May 15, 2012 1:07 PM

    Reid should be in negotiations with God- over how long his heart will be able to bear the burden of lugging all that fat around.

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