Doubt is cast on Jason Peters’ re-injury story

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Eagles left tackle Jason Peters reportedly has torn his reconnected Achilles tendon after falling out of his “Roll-A-Bout,” a scooter-looking contraption that may or may not be intended to accommodate a 340-pound human.  (Acutally, the website shows a weight limit of 500 pounds for the SW-500.)

Howard Eskin of NBC 10, who also serves as the sideline reporter for the Eagles’ radio broadcasts, isn’t buying it.  Appearing on Tuesday’s PFT Live, Eskin said he’s heard that Peters didn’t suffer the second tear by falling out of the Roll-A-Bout, and that Peters simply may have been doing too much walk-a-bout and too little Roll-A-Bout.

If/when Peters makes good on a vow to sue Roll-A-Bout, the lawyers for the company may want to find out how Eskin knows what he knows.  And whether it’s from Eskin or someone else, the reps of Roll-A-Bout will get to the bottom of how Peters injured the bottom of his leg, again.

Eskin touched on a lot of other topics, too.  But that’s the only one I recall with any significant clarity.  You’ll have to watch the video to get to the rest.

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23 responses to “Doubt is cast on Jason Peters’ re-injury story

  1. Lying didn’t work out to well for Brandon Marshall. Then again Marshall didn’t lose any money on the lie (I don’t think) so there really isn’t a moral to the story.

  2. powerchase says:May 16, 2012 8:57 AM

    Eskin is a bonehead !!
    Why? Because he wouldn’t leave a lie alone?

    Great morals you’ve got there, Bunky

  3. So, let’s see. We have a guy, Howard Eskin, who seems to hit on about half of the stories that he “breaks.” And he’s telling us something that HE allegedly heard, from a source of unknown reliability. Yeah, I’m putting a whole lot of stock in this story.

  4. Never trust a fat man telling you a story about how he hurt himself in a kitchen.

  5. One thing the Eagles are good at is lying! look at the quarterback, need I say more? Listen to the junk coming out of the Nova care center every week…lol..this organization is a JOKE!!!

  6. joetoronto says:
    May 16, 2012 9:37 AM

    It weighs only 19 lbs but it supports 500 lbs?

    Yes. Bicycles and ladders have similar performance capabilities. What a crazy world we live in!

  7. Eskin will spout off on any unsubstantiated rumor that gets whispered in his ear if it will gain him another 5 seconds of notoriety. Then he never acknowledges it again if nothing comes of it.

  8. Anything that Eskin says I take like the Oliver Stone movie JFK:
    –JFK was President,
    –JFK was Shot,
    –JFK was killed.
    Those are the facts
    As for the details… well… Maybe/Maybe not

    Eskin reporting on Jason Peters:
    –Jason Peters is an Eagle,
    –Jason Peters was hurt,
    –Jason Peters is hurt again.
    Those are the facts
    As for the details… well… Maybe/Maybe not

  9. @giantsfaninphilly

    Actually, you do need to say more. Vick did the crime and the time. All indications are he has been a solid citizen since then.

    As for the NovaCare Center, what exactly is this “junk” that is coming out every week? And seriously, if it is making you lol, you need to get a life.

  10. Life is good geo, some “junk” you might remember is DREAM TEAM!!!…as for Vick, time doesn’t change the crime…cudo’s for being a solid citizen….still overrated as a qb!!

  11. joetoronto May 16, 2012, 9:37 AM EDT

    It weighs only 19 lbs but it supports 500 lbs?

    You should really considering spending less time on PFT and more time reading books.

  12. Howard Eskin is in my opinion the WORST sports reporter in Philladelphia. He has had trouble holding onto jobs,he goes out of bounds often to create controversy where none exists. He was even involved in a murder investigation. Eskin is only really interested in promoting himself in the media, he really does not care about the truth of a story or rather he only cares if he has a way to spin the truth to create a story. I personally wouldnt trust the man to repay a quarter he borrowed.

  13. The real question — did Jason Peters have the Roll-A-Bout with the cupholder or the one with the wire basket on front?

    Surprised Eskin didn’t answer that!

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