Namath sucks up to Sanchez

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Last year, former Jets quarterback Joe Namath made a habit out of bashing his former team, to the point where Namath expressed regret about his comments in late January.  (Of course, that didn’t stop Namath in March from expressing a belief that the Jets are too dysfunctional to attract Peyton Manning to town.)

But Namath is now rallying behind the quarterback whom Namath chided for making a “bonehead decision” during a 2011 game against the Raiders.  According to Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger, Namath described Sanchez as “sensational” at a Tuesday night’s United Way Gridiron Gala, adding that the starter is “much better” than Tim Tebow.

“There’s no doubt about it, there’s no doubt about it at all,” Namath said. “At this point, certainly.  And Mark’s going to get better.  He’s going into his fourth year.  Golly, I remember a team that won a championship with a quarterback in his fourth year.  I hope it happens again.”

Of course, when that happened, there was a guy on TV regularly saying, “Golly.”

Namath’s praise for Sanchez arguably is rooted criticism of the team for bringing in Tebow.  And Namath realizes that things between him and the team are still a little strained, at best.

“[N]one of us like to be critiqued or criticized in a negative way,” Namath said.  “It gets bent sometimes.  I don’t like feeling the vibes that I get back whenever I cross [owner] Woody [Johnson’s] path.  [Coach] Rex [Ryan] and I have been getting along well when we bump into each other, but I know there’s an underlying sensitivity there that the Jets have.”

They’re probably even more sensitive when it comes to Namath, because they believe that Namath should show more loyalty to his former team.

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  1. His criticism was not unwarranted, nor was anything EVERYONE else was thinking. He showed up for the event, obviously he supports the team. Maybe mr. johnson should curb his pride, accept this criticism, and use it to make his team better, rather than his current approach of being a stubborn jack@ss. I’m not saying it would work, but obviously it couldn’t hurt the situation.

  2. I never understand why this guy’s opinion is supposed to matter so much that we need a news story any time he gives his opinion on anything.

  3. Rex would have preferred Joe to either stay quiet or to praise the Jets as a championship caliber team on their way to the Super Bowl…just another crock of spin …the Jets were what they were and Namath’s comments were closer to the truth than anyone in the front office wanted to admit…

  4. Don’t you know? You guaranteed that the Jets would win the Super Bowl?

    The most overrated and misrepresented story in football history. They act like he was Chad OchoCinco running his mouth at the nearest camera or calling his own press conferences. In reality it was an off the cuff statement out of frustration because the New York media wouldn’t stop needling him about how the Jets were going to get their ass kicked.

  5. Joe Namath made it to the playoffs twice, has a lifetime losing record, completed only 50 percent of his passes, and had 47 more interceptions than touchdowns.

    Nice Hall of Fame quarterback, people.

  6. Of course the next time he drinks and calls a reporter we will see a different story….

    As far as why people pay attention to him, lets face it–the Jets are a miserable franchise with ONE decent stretch (late 60’s-early seventies) book ended by lots and lots of mediocrity. Joe was the star on that team and he still is held in high esteem by the NY fans.

  7. cakemixa says: May 16, 2012 7:55 AM

    I never understand why this guy’s opinion is supposed to matter so much that we need a news story any time he gives his opinion on anything.

    It doesn’t matter. Its the media that thinks his opinions matter cuz they try/can create and stir up a controversy to get readers. Anyone with internet is a sports writer nowadays so there is alot of competition for an audience. So they throw everything at the wall (us) to see what sticks.

  8. This is a blog about pro football, so all information great and trivial gets posted here. It’s not all going to be hard news and constant new content keeps people coming back which equals bigger viewing stats which makes it a more attractive sell to advertisers. I guess Florio should post just twice a day.

    I love how people criticize what gets posted when they wouldn’t have the first clue with their Cheeto-stained fingers how to do it themselves.

  9. With Namath’s remarks about Sanchez, it sounds like he’s on the jug again. Joe, check into rehab. No one that’s sober or in their right mind would say Sanchez is “sensational”

  10. I’m not going to criticize Joe Freakin’ Namath when he says the Jets and Mark Sanchez suck, because, well, last time I checked, they DO

  11. The Jets are a good team, however, I don’t believe they will be able to make a run at the Patriots. I believe Buffalo is going to be the up and coming team in the AFC East. They were on the right track last season before the injury to Fred Jackson. The Patriots will win the division and possibly a 1st round bye and Buffalo may squeak a wildcard. The Jets will be third place.

  12. here’s why cakemixa, and everybody else thats going to post here and bash namath

    because he’s broadway f’in joe, that’s why. he’s nfl royalty, and he always will be.

    and because he’s cooler than you, and always will be

  13. Watch the Namath HBO special and then you’ll see why his opinion matters. He didn’t say anything that would make him a hypocrite. Where did Namath state he’s not behind Sanchez at any time during the young QB’s Jets tenure? Answer: He didn’t. He was disappointed and expressed emotion for his former team. But he never said anything like, “Sanchez is a failure. Draft a new QB!” Joe Willy wants him to get better, not get ousted from the Jets. Sanchez a better a QB than Tebow? Nothing could be more obvious.

  14. I like the fact that Namath is supporting Sanchez on this. The kid has been mishandled by bad offensive coaches (namely Shotty). Now, the Jets bring in Tebow, which was purely a publicity stunt. Somebody has to support Sanchez, and if not Namath, who? Richard Todd? Ken O’Brien?

  15. Broadway Joe Namath knows a thing or two about being an NFL quarterback, so yes he knows that Sanchez is a far better QB than Teblow will ever be. Heck every NFL QB is better than bench warmer Teblow will ever be. Until Teblow stops playing the sissy formation and learns how to run a proper pro set he’ll always be a natural born loser.

    Teblow needs to spend more time practicing football and a lot less time reading that big book of lies about his false god.

  16. I love the comments on here saying that no one cares what Namath has to say. As if we care more about what they have to say about a current NFL QB than we do about what a HOF NFL QB has to say about a current NFL QB.

  17. Namath has always been pretty honest on his opinions of his former team which has to be tough to do. I respect that.

    I’m a Pats fan so I hate the Jets but I have to say if you are going to trade up to get a QB @ #5 at least stay behind him publicly and try to help him succeed. The comments of Cavanaugh on Sanchez and Tebow seem to pit them against each other and undermining Sanchez publicly isn’t cool IMO. In private, tell Sanchez those things to motivate him, fine. But in my book coaches should rarely if ever say negative things about their players to the media. It makes players lose respect for them IMO.

  18. Joe was a much better fur coat model than player. Lest anyone forget Joe’s record as a pro was 68 win 71 losses and 4 ties. Hardly Joe Montana career numbers and Namath’s main claim to fame was a one game prediction followed by delivery on the prediction. Joe would be wise to hold his council until we see more of the Sanchez/Tebow rivalry. However I am from Iowa and not a Jets fan but did just order an NFL ticket for this year to watch Jets games so they both must be worth something.

  19. I don’t get how or why folks harsh on Joe Willy here, after all he’s the only Jets QB to help them win a Super Bowl – 44 years ago.

    Personally I could care less if he’s a doddering old drunk or a mindless foolio – he helped get his team their only championship. He can say what he wants to anyone he wants, just keep it real and rational……

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