Pete Carroll says Hard Knocks is “not our style”


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is a Hard Knocks fan — just as long as some other team is on.

The Seahawks were approached about appearing on Hard Knocks and said no, and Carroll said on NFL Network Friday that’s because the show would get in the way of the work he has to do at training camp.

“That’s just not going to suit what we’re trying to get done here,” Carroll said. “I think it’s a great show. I love watching it. I loved Rex [Ryan], and when the Bengals — I love those kinds of shows. I look forward to seeing it. But I just don’t want to put that in the middle of our process. We’re trying to win football games and hopefully we can entertain that way, not on the show. That’s not our style.”

That seems to be the emerging consensus among NFL coaches: Hard Knocks may be a good show, but that doesn’t mean they want cameras and microphones in every one of their meeting rooms during training camp. Time is running out for HBO to find a coach willing to deal with the distractions of making good TV.

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  1. Hard Knocks has brought this on themselves. Between being a distraction and them editing things to their liking, does not necessarily warm NFL teams up the idea. I understand Hard Knocks is a business and they are just doing their job. But so is the NFL and they have more riding on their business.

  2. I’m with pete on this. Who needs the distraction or the media attention. Plus yesterday the receivers and defensive backs got into a brawl. Our team needs to concentrate on winning, being competitive, and learning every play. Hard to do with 5 extra camera crews around

  3. Hard knocks gives editing rights to the team before airing so they can’t just show anything without the team approval. I think it’s just too much pressure to win as a coach so why would you add to your stress with camera following you, your staff and your players around during camp. Plus with the Greg Williams audio getting out that adds more fear from coaches worried something might get out in the public. As a Skins fan I wouldn’t want might team to do it. Looks like the only takers are the Jags.

  4. Hard Knocks should make the show about how hard it is for them to find an NFL team to participate in their show

  5. “Pete Carroll says Hard Knocks is “not our style.

    We prefer a subtle yet almost forceful tap, as opposed to a knock, before we sit down and have a latte.”

  6. The last Hard Knocks featured the Jets and that season they went to the AFC Championship game. The year before it was the Bengals and that season they made it to the playoffs for the first time in years. I know it’s popular for teams, coaches, fans, and PFT posters to say it hurts a team but the results indicate that’s just not true.

  7. waldoampere says:
    The last Hard Knocks featured the Jets and that season they went to the AFC Championship game. The year before it was the Bengals and that season they made it to the playoffs for the first time in years.

    What about the year before that – Cowboys 9-7, no playoffs, and the year before that – Chiefs 4-12, no playoffs. Like I said mediorce.

  8. waldoampere, please don’t let your facts get in the way of PFT peoples’ opinions.

    We all know that teams win or lose based solely on their classiness ratio multiplied by how distracted they are, divided by how fat their head coach is. That’s football science, man.

  9. Before every snap in the NFL there is a huddle.


    To keep the other team from knowing what you’re going to do.

    In many ways Hard Knocks brings certain things franchises want to keep secret to light. That’s how HBO sells the show, but it works against what teams would like.

    I’m a big fan of Hard Knocks and would miss it if it wasn’t on, but I would completely understand if every team turned it down.

  10. @strongsidebacker

    You’re right, the Cowboys (twice) and Chiefs didn’t make the playoffs. The Ravens, Jets, and Bengals did. That’s a 50% playoff ratio for teams doing Hard Knocks which is higher than the actual percentage of teams who make the playoffs (37.5% of teams make the playoffs each year). Realistically, doing Hard Knocks probably has no impact on how a team performs during the regular season.

  11. Pete Carroll is our coach…. Rah!!! Rah!!! Rah!!!….. Jump Up & Down & Wave Your Pom Poms!!!!…. Rah!!! Rah!!! Rah!!!… Pete Carroll is our coach!!!

  12. Where the Browns are with their development, I think they’d make a perfect candidate.

    I see this is as a make or break for the current regime. I wish they were able to be bigger players in free agency, with it, I think they had the capability to make a lot of noise in the North this year.

    Regardless, what’s going on in Cleveland is way more interesting than people realize.

    If things go right, they’re just a few seasons away from super bowl contention. If things go wrong….

    Either way, this season is either the beginning of great things in Cleveland, or the beginning of the end for the regime that’s in place.

    I wish Randy Lerner would for his hand on this one and make it happen.

  13. Coach Carroll has his head on straight ! He’s got to prepare for his nemesis Coach Harbaugh in San Francisco. If not, his coaching seat could start getting a little hot !

  14. I wish the Ravens would do it again, lots of very entertaining and interesting players on that team. Between Ray Lewis, Suggs, Bernard Pollard, Marshal Yanda and Coach Harbaugh there is a lot of entertainment to be had.

    Plus it would show Joe Flacco is actually a human being and not some kind of emotionless robot that most of you PFT posters think he is.

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