Chris Houston sees plenty of talent in the Lions’ secondary


Chris Houston returns to the Lions as their top cornerback this season, but after Houston there are some questions at the cornerback position in Detroit. At least, many observers would say there are questions. Houston doesn’t see it that way.

Houston told the Detroit Free Press that Aaron Berry, who was the nickel cornerback last year, is ready to be a starter on the opposite side of the field from Houston.

Berry started last year in some games,” Houston said. “He came in and he was the third corner after Eric [Wright]. He came in and held his own. I know he’s hungry and ready to get out there and show people what he’s got. He’s a little underrated. But I like it like that because that’ll get some balls thrown to him and let him make some plays.”

Houston also noted that the three cornerbacks the Lions drafted — Bill Bentley, Chris Greenwood and Jonte Green — give Detroit depth at the position.

“They drafted and added a lot of guys, so there’s talent in the room,” Houston said. “They just have to learn what to do in the playbooks. Then, once things start slowing down for them, then once they understand that playbook, then they can start concentrating on offenses and learning the game.”

As we noted recently, the Cowboys’ approach to the cornerback position is that you can’t have too many of them. The Lions have a similar approach. The difference between the Lions and the Cowboys, however, is that the Cowboys spent big money on a free agent in Brandon Carr and traded up to draft a cornerback in Morris Claiborne. The Lions don’t have that kind of talent, no matter what Houston sees.

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  1. I think Chris Houston is the most underrated CB in the NFL. He’s a legit #1 CB that no one ever talks about.

  2. I’m excited to see Chris Greenwood play he had very little highlights because he is from a small school but he seems to be extremely promising from initial reports from their camp. It’s probably going to be a few years before he sees any significant playing time.

  3. CB is one of the most overrated positions, ask the Eagles. Football is won or lost up front in the trenches. Always has, always will. Mayhew/Schwartz has this one right.

  4. First you made a whole story about how the Cowboys think you can’t have too may CBs. Then you feel the need to point out that Detroit feels the same way. You want to go ahead and make a separate story for every team? Because believe it or not, they ALL feel that way.

  5. “Chris Houston sees plenty of talent in the Lions’ secondary” …..

    In other news: “Chris Houston Considering Lazer Surgery to Correct Eye Sight Problems”

  6. As a ATL fan I was disappointed the Falcons unloaded him to Detroit for next to nothing but the team at the time played a cover-2 zone bend-but-don’t-break style that former defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder favored that sucked pork rinds and he was always caught with his head the wrong way and grab grab grabbing for a penalty. Same thing the Falcons did with WR Laurent Robinson a great pass catcher but he wasn’t the heavy duty blocker the team likes, but even after his Rams stint he was let go by them so he was still finding his way and took full advantage of his Cowboys stint which parlayed in a J-Ville mega deal. Anyway Chris Houston I congratulate U.

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