Juan Castillo says he’d take a bullet for Andy Reid


Eagles coach Andy Reid has stuck his neck out for Juan Castillo, naming him defensive coordinator last year when many questioned whether he was qualified, and then sticking with Castillo through a turbulent first season on the job.

Castillo now says he’d do anything to repay that loyalty.

Asked today about Reid’s decision to bring him back for a second season as the Eagles’ defensive coordinator even though the first season was a disappointment, Castillo told Philly.com, “You never forget that, as long as you live. You’d take a bullet for him, you know? Just like he does for us.”

Before he was moved to defensive coordinator, Castillo had been the Eagles’ offensive line coach since Reid arrived in 1999. Castillo views Reid as a friend and mentor, and he wants to see Reid holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

“I’ve worked for coach for a lot of years,” Castillo said. “We’ve not won the Super Bowl, but we’ve won a lot of games . . . I come to work every morning at 4 o’clock. There’s a reason I’m coming to work that early, because I want to get it done for coach. It’s coach, the organization and the city. That’s very important.”

If the Eagles miss the playoffs again this year, Castillo and Reid may both be out of work. And to hear Castillo talk, it sounds like he’d be sadder for Reid than he would be for himself.

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  1. If Castillo’s attitude permeates throughout the organization, that’s championship stuff. If it’s talk for the sake of hearing his own voice, it’s gonna be a long season and a quick departure.

  2. not a eagles fan but reid does take the blame for everything he never mentions names. respect

  3. Well Andy obviously did for you Juan. It’s the least you could do. Funny though they always say this team knows what they are doing from an Eagle backer standpoint. Maybe they should make Charlie Manuel the Offensive Coordinator. Charlie would jump on a grenade for Andy. A little more dedication if you ask me.

  4. Well if he is willing to take a bullet let him drive one of the kid’s get away cars.

  5. OMG I am so sick of this crap. Juan Castillo is still the DC because… You ready for this you so called experts? HE DIDNT SUCK ENOUGH TO LOSE IT. Lets face it the Eagles defense finished top 10 in yards allowed, top 10 in points allowed, and #1 in sacks. All with a new DC and no offseason. Thats amazing in itself but whats even more amazing is the offense turned the ball over (2nd most in the league), so that means the defense is on the field ALLOT which means they should of allowed more yards/points. But they didnt.

    I am sorry but Juan Castillo and the Eagles D were pretty darn good despite everything!!!

  6. Had to read the headline twice; at first I thought it said “take a burrito to Andy Reid”…

  7. tfbuckfutter
    May 29, 2012, 9:56 PM EDT
    If he’s serious he and Andy should hit up Marvin Harrison’s establishment.
    Lol..& maybe R.Brock could join’em..stiff Marvin on a order of wings should be enough to get’em all popped

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if he meant this literally. Which means that both guys are taking this sport way too seriously.

    Honestly, Reid especially should step away from the game for a while.

  9. upperdecker19 says:
    May 29, 2012 10:46 PM
    Comparing sports to combat is lame…..

    yes it is….well said.

    you work on a football field juan….not in some enemy country or not as a cop on some mean inner-city street. pipe down until you have been in a situation where words like that actually might mean something. you like andy reid, we get it.

  10. I would suggest if i was Castillo, stay away from the press. It’s just adding fuel to the a big fire that has entire eagles fan base mad at the team already.

  11. He has said that in the past as well, before he became D cordinator, Juan is the man. ! With a second year at the helm and a full off season , a solid to sometimes dominating D will suffice. limit the turnovers on O. stay healthy and were ready. I believe that Andy will have the Eagles ready to fly high this year! Can’ wait!

  12. Turnovers on offense were definitely our problem last year and yet everyone wants to blame the defense. Were they great? No. But they were good enough to win 10 games and our offense turned the ball over enough to lose 8 games.

  13. 15 years as a offensive coach for the Igles. Last year somehow promoted to Defensive Coordinator. (lol) Only Andy Reid and maybe Jerry Jones would gamble like that. Dude hasn’t coached Defense since the 80’s, at a Division III school at that!!! The Casey Mathews Experiment? Then Fat Andy gives him a job as the DC. This is gonna fun to watch.

  14. jdandcoke says: May 29, 2012 11:14 PM

    upperdecker19 says:
    May 29, 2012 10:46 PM
    “Comparing sports to combat is lame…..”

    “yes it is….well said.

    you work on a football field juan….not in some enemy country or not as a cop on some mean inner-city street. pipe down until you have been in a situation where words like that actually might mean something. you like andy reid, we get it.

    It’s a figure of speech so get off your high horse douche bag.

  15. I’d want to take a bullet too if I had to watch the Philadelphia Eagles attempt to play football too.

  16. All I know is Andy is helping out Castillo more than he ever did McDermott. Think about all the players on the defensive side that Reid has added for Juan. He adds 2 of the best man to man CBs in the league, overhauled the LBs, 1st round defensive tackle, respected defensive line coach out of retirement.

    There is nothing Reid could’ve done for that defensive that he hasn’t to put Juan in a position to succeed. Playing zone last year with 2 of the best man to man CBs in the league was a huge rookie coordinator mistake.

    Refusing to tweak the scheme when the LBs were getting beaten because they were to small/slow was another.

    Last year it was all about the scheme and it seemed that he never made the needed adjustments at the critical time. At least this year it seems he realized that press CBs should mean more press coverage.

    McDermott would’ve done as much if not more with the same players that Reid has given Castillo. The roster he was in charge of did not have nearly as much talent. The only difference is that McDermott would not have taken a bullet for Reid.

  17. Ranked 8th overall for the year after they O turned the ball over so many times tells me andy made the right choice for the D.The philly haters(wow there are so many SMH)many come from dallas and NJ,hate the eagles because we win games and beat their butts most years..Oh i know,dallas and NJ have all these superbowls and the eagles have none…heard it so many times before…But still the eagles whoop that superbowl winners Ass year after year.winning the superbowl by far does not mean you are the best team in the NFL.It means you were the better team that day.9-7 your not the best team.Got lucky got a trophy,sht the skins beat the chumps 2 times,and the skins suck.So continue to hate,and they will continue to win against you each and every year..

  18. I Have been coach Reid’s biggest critic. His linebacker decesions last year was a total failure. But, he admits that. He replaced them and has made some excellent moves including a fabulous draft. I see a big improvement this year. I think the safety play will be a nice surprise. This year is do or die for both Reid and Juan forget the buttets.

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