Jerry Jones decides against taking his partners to court

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Last week, Special Master Stephen Burbank ruled that the Cowboys and Redskins have no basis under the 2011 Collective Bargaining Agreement to challenge the agreement between the league and the NFLPA to remove $46 million in combined salary cap space from the two franchises.  But there was a catch.

Burbank concluded his 12-page ruling by explaining that other legal remedies may exist.

On Wednesday, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he’s dropping the matter.

According to the Associated Press, Jones said that he has no interest in taking the issue to federal court.  As Charean Williams of the Fort Worth Telegram suggested during an appearance last week on PFT Live, Jones’ decision not to sue his 30 business partners may have been influenced by a desire to host future Super Bowls at Cowboys Stadium.

It’s unknown whether the Redskins, who lost $36 million in cap space, will file a lawsuit or pursue other avenues of relief.

The fight among NFL franchises sparked the collusion case filed last week by the NFLPA.

21 responses to “Jerry Jones decides against taking his partners to court

  1. Wait, where are the Dallas fans that swore Jerruh would wreak havoc and get his “revenge”? There had to be at least 100 that warned us the NFL dare not mess with Jones or he would bring the whole NFL down.

  2. I said last week, this minor.

    #1 they got $10 million uncapped in 2010 signing Austin. A + for cowboys

    #2 they did not have to count the 10 mill in 2011 a + for cowboys

    #3 they got dinged $5 million for 2012 and 2013 and – and another –

    So a was, now another + they go into 2013 off season and get $5 million back and in 2014 all other teams get about 3 million taken way from this. So the cowboys in some ways come out ahead. Now the real thing is what did the cowboys do with the + and -. Well they won nothing so not much. We will see if the restored cap for the 2014 seasons gives them a edge.

    Over all a push for the boy’s no big gain no big hurt.

    The redskins were a mess as the money went to Albert and they crashed and burned and now have little to spend to help RG111

  3. Where are all the crazy people telling us how Jerruh was right to go back on his word? Where are are all the “you can do whatever you want in an uncapped year” people? Anyone with half a clue knew how this would end up.

  4. east96st:

    Pretty clear the NFLPA is doing that for him isn’t it? All he had to do is get the ball rolling. The other NFL owners are already seeing the consequences in those attorney’s fees they are racking up by the minute trying to fight the collusion charges.

  5. Why sue and go to federal court when you know you’re guilty of breaking the rules. Just shut up and accept your punishment.

  6. I’m thinking these cap figures are simply the amounts these two teams would have otherwise been legitimately dealing with anyway if they hadn’t tried to “fix” those amounts with device strategies only available via an uncapped year?

    @jakek2 >>> Goodell threatened Jones that he’d never see another Cowboys Stadium SB if he sued<<<

    & "Goodell" wouldn't be the one JJ would sue or be making these threats for himself. The other "owners" would be the ones being sued as well as threatening retaliation in making decisions granting superbowls to JJ or not …

  7. I believe Dan Snyder WILL sue which would allow Jonsie to sit back, be the good guy to his partners etc. If Snyder wins, Jones can than “back door” a settlement with the league!

  8. @east96st, why would he bring the whole NFL down, that’s his bread and butter. he’ll be rewarded in the future for yielding.

    and really what does this cap penalty force him to do? make $5M more profit?

  9. The Redskins have little to spend to get help for RG3? Says who? You cats kill me. Newsflash, The Redskins dumped $102 million in salaries in the uncapped year. The Redskins cap-wise even with 18 million gone in 2013 are still straight, in 2014 & beyond they are more than well off. Oh & expect contracts to be reconstructured just in case they’re not.

  10. medtxpack says:
    May 30, 2012 3:50 PM
    People hate Jerry but he’s one heck of a smart businessman.

    See, I think this is just the problem. I hate Jerry BECAUSE he’s a businessman. I get that the NFL is a business, blah blah blah, but the real product is what’s on the field. No one wants to hear about rich white guys building $1B stadiums, starting feuds during lockout negotiations, or meddling in football decisions when they clearly shouldn’t; the best owners stay out of the lime light and create a working atmosphere (both on the field and in the front office) that is conducive to winning.

  11. lawyermalloy says:May 30, 2012 5:32 PM

    I believe Dan Snyder WILL sue which would allow Jonsie to sit back, be the good guy to his partners etc. If Snyder wins, Jones can than “back door” a settlement with the league!

    There’s always somebody who’s the last one to figure it out. Give up already.

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