Bucs sign No. 31 overall pick Doug Martin

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers announced Monday that they have signed No. 31 overall pick Doug Martin to a rookie contract.

The Bucs have signed all but one member of their seven-man draft class, with safety Mark Barron the lone rookie pick remaining.

Martin, 23, figures to emerge as the lead back in a one-two punch with LeGarrette Blount sooner rather than later. The Bucs’ website announcement of Martin’s rookie deal stated that new coach Greg Schiano “intends to emphasize the running game” and “utilize [Martin] heavily.”

Martin is a much more versatile back than Blount, with more wiggle as a ball carrier. New Bucs offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan, the old Giants quarterbacks coach, could use Martin ala Ahmad Bradshaw and Blount like Brandon Jacobs. The Bucs’ ground attack should be much improved after a dismal 2011 season.

13 responses to “Bucs sign No. 31 overall pick Doug Martin

  1. “Martin is a much more versatile back than Blount, with more wiggle as a ball carrier……..”


    OK. I give up. Anyone care to tell me what “wiggle” is? How is better to have it than not have it? And who has the most “wiggle” in the NFL right now?


  2. Wish the Bengals would have taken this guy at pick #27. Just don’t know if BenJarvis can be an every down back. We’ll see.

  3. Martin will see more and more of the field as the season goes on; Blount is so lousy in pass protection and as a receiver that his presence in the backfield screams “HEY DEFENSE, WE ARE RUNNING THE BALL NOW!”

    Martin’s got enough versatility that he’s just more valuable in almost every way. Blount’s great for a few incredible highlight reel-worthy runs a year, but, for a guy his size, he gets stopped short way too much, and he just can’t help in the passing game at all.

  4. “Wish the Bengals would have taken this guy at pick #27. Just don’t know if BenJarvis can be an every down back. We’ll see.”

    I was as big a Doug Martin fan as there was out there before the draft. However, I wouldn’t change the Zeitler pick (27th) for anything. Now Kirkpatrick on the other hand…

  5. clintonportisheadd.. you’re not a very smart fella eh? if you need “wiggle” in football terms explained to you, then you need to go take up knitting.

  6. Looks like WD-40 Part Deux(Dunn/Alstott for those watching at home)

    Behind what should be one of the top lines in the league, I can’t wait to see us impose our will on the opposition. Anything short of a top 5-7 rushing offense will be quite the disappointment.

  7. I see this being a good year in the running game no matter who is carrying the ball. Coaching/play calling was horrid last year, you can’t place that all on Blount. It looks like he’s taking steps to improve, but when he did catch the ball last year he was effective. If the coaches can teach Blount how to be mediocre in pass protection I can see play action being very successful early in the season. That said, I can see both Martin and Blount starting throughout the season depending on what the play call is to start off the game.

  8. this all well and fine but the d has been the real issue. i would love to see them have that dominating d again. the d last few years has been horrid.

  9. The bucs seem to be making great efforts to improving their team and it should help them draw some attention come free agency next offseason as long as they do decent this season

  10. I disagree that Blount can’t do anything in the passing game. In the very few situations in which he did catch a pass, he picked up a lot of extra yards. I mean, you’re getting him into open space, and we’ve all seen what he does to secondaries who try to tackle him.

    Greg Olson simply had no imagination whatsoever. None. He didn’t care if everyone in the stadium knew that Blount=run, he was going to do it his vanilla way. Now I’m not saying that Blount has great hands(he doesn’t), and there’s certainly no doubt that Martin is the better pass catcher and MUCH better at blocking, but I don’t think you can use an Olson-run offense as evidence for much. Give him a chance and I think he’ll be good for a few surprise catches this season, and those catches will turn into huge gains if he’s in open space.

  11. I think Doug Martin will be an amazing player in the NFL. I watched him at Boise State for the last 4 years and he was willing to humbly do ANYTHING the coaches asked him to do: RB, Nickel Safety, Special teams, Pass blocking, pass catching… The Bucs front office struck gold with this smart little “Muscle Hampster.”

  12. one name:

    Ernest Byner

    That guy will work wonders with Blount. He helped CJ2K to his best season as well as helped MJD improve his blocking. I have no doubt that Blount will be much improved in passing formations.

    In Byner I trust.

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