Scott Fujita remains excited about the 2012 season

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Of the many allegations thrown in the direction of Browns linebacker Scott Fujita by Sean Pamphilon on Friday, the one about Fujita talking about retiring during the 2011 season generated some of the least buzz.

That’s understandable, given the nature of the rest of Pamphilon’s screed, but it was worth finding out what Fujita was thinking on that front. In an email to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Fujita reaffirmed his commitment to the Browns while saying that he wouldn’t let anything bounty-related get in the way of his preparation for the season.

“While there have certainly been some unexpected challenges this off-season, which are beyond my control right now, I can’t let that distract me from getting myself as prepared as possible to play this season,” said Fujita. “Obviously I’m a lot closer to the end of my career than I am to the beginning, so the time to win is now. I love my teammates & defensive coaches, I’m excited about our new additions, and I’m looking forward to seeing this team improve. I want to win, and I want to help this team win.”

Fujita is facing a three-game suspension this season, although there are still various appeals and grievances standing in the way of that becoming totally official. With all of that going on, it’s not surprising that Fujita is looking forward to getting back on the field.

9 responses to “Scott Fujita remains excited about the 2012 season

  1. As a Browns fan, I keep reading this sort of thing over and over. Tom Heckert says the Browns are real close to winning. Joe Haden says the same thing. Joe Thomas says it too. Now Scott Fujita is saying it. I sure would like to believe these guys. But I look at the record (the last 4 years have been the worst 4-year stretch in Cleveland Browns history), I look at the roster, I look at the schedule, and I see 5-11 at best. I don’t know what these guys are seeing that I’m missing, but I sure hope that they’re right and I’m wrong.

  2. snaponrules says: Jun 4, 2012 4:21 PM

    Lies, he is in it for the money. Because if he wanted to win he sure as hell wouldn’t have signed with the Browns.


    Mayby it’s not a lie, snapon. Perhaps the delusion that infects Brady Quinn Lovers Central has merely infested the locker room. Like George Costanza says, it isn’t a lie if you really believe it.

  3. The Browns stink. Get rid of that walrus, Holmgren, a clown that is severely over paid.

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