Report: Jaguars expect Blackmon to “take ownership” of situation


The arrest of receiver Justin Blackmon for aggravated DUI will provide Jaguars owner Shahid Khan with the first significant test of his ownership.  Apparently, Khan currently plans to in turn put Blackmon to the test.

“It’s [look in the mirror] time,” an unnamed Jaguars official tells Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange.  “He’s going to have to ‘fess up, take ownership of the situation, and lay out a course for dealing with this thing head-on.”

The unnamed official also rejects the idea that high-profile Jaguars receivers, from R. Jay Soward to Jimmy Smith to Reggie Williams to Matt Jones, are in some way curse.  “It has nothing to do with anyone by [Blackmon],” the official said.  “We’ll deal with him on this incident . . . not any ghosts of the past.”

But Blackmon needs more than huffing and/or puffing and/or a threat to blow his house down if he blows another 0.08 or higher in the future.  Given his past DUI arrest and the extreme level of alleged intoxication this time around, Blackmon apparently needs help.

And, as explained during Tuesday’s PFT Live, he deserves help from the team — not because he was the fifth overall pick, but because he’s an employee of the franchise.  Here’s hoping that Khan doesn’t use the same double standard that other franchises have employed in the past, making excuses for the star and making examples out of the scrub.

Here’s hoping that every team does the same thing moving forward.

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14 responses to “Report: Jaguars expect Blackmon to “take ownership” of situation

  1. I hope someone is planning to get him some professional help. Obviously he did not learn from the 1st incident or he has a real problem. Better find out which one.

  2. They should at least help him this time as they knew that he had been in this particular type of trouble before.

    If he continues to have the same problem, then they should consider letting him go on his way.

    That being said, I don’t know any companies aside from sports franchises that help people with problems like this. Most of them either fire you or they don’t but you don’t get many chances before you are gone. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t out there, I just don’t know any.

  3. Hopefully he can go to rehab and get the help he needs to stop abusing alcohol.

    Getting blackout drunk has to age the body and mind, and really take away from your abilities on the field, no matter how great they may be.

  4. I don’t mean to correct you sir, but “technically” this is his first DUI because he was able to plea that first one down. In either case he does need to take ownership. .24? That is atrocious. Considering he was able to get behind the wheel is amazing. That speaks to a guy that has done some heavy drinking.

  5. Offer him minimum wage on a one year deal. That definitely hands him “ownership” of the situation. Up to you from here on, Bud, because frankly the Jacksonville Jaguars will be better off without you in the long term. Sign it or sit a year and try your luck again in 2013. Your call.

  6. I fell bad for the Jags. What a buzz kill. They could have taken the better player in Floyd and kept their 4th round pick.

  7. I’d get drunk and try to get sent to prison too if I was a WR and Gabbert was my QB.

  8. “You want me to take ownership of the situation? Okay … I … I want to say that (sniff!) … I own this car. I also own this Bacardi. And if I offended anyone I’d like to say I’m sorry.

    Can I get back on the field now??”

  9. Drop thyis jerk before you invest anything. All this trouble and the season hasn’t really started. Trade him, if need be, to Cincinnati or the Raiders. Both of these organizations love to often sign losers

  10. I think this kid has the opportunity to do what’s right. He absolutely needs to take ownership, and do everything he can to be a standup guy. Just an overall terrible decision, and hopefully doesn’t end up with a license plate that reads “sauced”. I guess that’s exactly why you don’t have to rush to sign your first round pick. Good luck Mr. Blackmon, I hope this turns out to be a valuable lesson, if not, it will be a very short career…. Love the term “scrub” used… Nice

  11. NO signing bonus until year three. Smallish contract with MANY behavior clauses. Lastly, he MUST go to in-patient rehab and receive long-term and ongoing counseling. As previously posted, anyone able to walk, much less get in car and drive is a regular, heavy substance abuser when he is THREE times over the legal limit!! Help is needed. He is clearly an alcoholic.

  12. Blackmon’s first DWI could have been a case of very poor judgement (obviously that’s no excuse for it). Most people who get arrested try REALLY hard not to make the same mistake twice. The fact he’s been arrested a second time (with such a ridiculously high BAC) is troubling. Maybe he didn’t take his first run-in with the law seriously because there weren’t any serious consequences. Maybe Blackmon believes he’s above the law because he’s a “star” athlete. Or maybe he’s an alcoholic.
    Hopefully he’ll get his life together before he hurts/kills himself or anyone else.
    If he DOES have a drinking problem (as opposed to just being an immature punk), he needs to ask for help from the league and/or the Jag’s (like rehab). There are numerous companies that attempt to help employees with alcohol and drug problems… but only if the employee admits they have a problem and is willing to work hard to get/stay sober.
    The Jag’s would be fools to not add some sort of special provisions to Blackmon’s contract after he’s been arrested twice for DWI.
    He’s very talented, but could ruin his career before it ever gets started

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