Titans installing Cowboy-sized video boards, almost

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As NFL teams try to get fans to chose stadiums over their homes, more NFL teams are trying to put something from fans’ homes inside the stadiums.

The latest franchise to try to keep up with the Joneses is the Titans.  According to the Associated Press, the team said Monday that video boards almost as large as those at Cowboys Stadium will be installed.

“We are certainly making it our top priority to keep fans coming and have a great time and give them reason to come to LP Field as opposed to staying at home and watching it on high-definition television,” Titans executive vice president Don MacLachlan said.

In Dallas, the video screens that hover over the field like the mother ship from Close Encounters are 160 feet long.  At LP Field, the screens will be only three feet narrower, and there presumably will be no hovering.  (That said, the video boards will be 18 feet shorter in Nashville.)

“They’re all state of the art, and they’ll be certainly a reason for fans to come, let alone the environment you get at an NFL game to begin with,” MacLachlan said. “All these enhancements will take our fans’ experience at LP Field to an entirely new level.”

But it’s more than just trying to make the in-stadium experience as good as the at-home experience, whether via fancy TV screens or wireless Internet access for every seat.  NFL teams need to make it even more attractive to come to the stadium and pay for tickets and parking and overpriced beer and other beverages and overpriced hot dogs and other cholesterol-rich meats than to stay home with cheaper food and drink.  Whether that means access to the coach-to-quarterback radio communications or contests that take not just a few but hundreds of fans onto the field for all or part of the game, the NFL needs to come up with ways to make the added dynamic of attending the game something more than experiencing the same elements the players are enduring.

That approach not only will keep the stadiums full, but it also will make fans gladly willing to pay higher and higher prices for the privilege of being there.

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  1. This isn’t rocket science, fellas. Wonder no longer how to put people in the stands… Lower your stinking prices. There’s no big mystery here. I haven’t been to an NFL game since 2002. And unless someone else is footin’ the bill, I never will again. Its not because I don’t love it. It’s because its too damn expensive. By the time I buy a seat, spend the gas, buy the food and beer, I could’ve bought a flat screen, a new jersey and had money to buy food to entertain 10 friends… By the second game, I’ll have the TV and add Dolby surround. By the third game, I could by jerseys for everybody that comes to my house each week.

    You see, NFL owners are too far removed from us blue collar & low level white collar guys to understand any of this. I can’t believe they sit around in their executive offices and luxury homes wondering how to fill the stands. If they’re that stupid, how did they manage to get rich in the first place?

  2. I love going to NFL games and went to one with my son last year. Two tickets, four hots dogs, two sodas, one ice cream, and parking cost over $300. On the way home my son said “Gee, that’s more than this semester’s meal plan at college.” That’s why people prefer to stay home.

  3. They want the “Family Experience?” Yep, Mr. 9-5 can afford $400 to take Mom and the 2 kids for a game. You want the “FE?” Lower the prices, and designate areas for families. I’m sure you’ll make it back w/full seats and the concession take!

  4. How about interactive kiosks and personal video players at each seat. Maybe some rain collectors and cup holders too.

  5. I have 12th row tickets for the titans and i pay about 62 dollars a game. I am not buying 7 dollar beers though, but I guarantee you you couldn’t buy a flat screen tv with what i pay to go to a game. My season tickets are around 650 a year so in a full season you could get a decent flat screen but not in one game. You need to blame third party ticket sellers for gobbling up tickets at a great price and reselling them. It has nothing to do with the NFL, even the club level seats at LP are around 120-160 a game. Stubhub and ticket brokers that get their hands on tickets and resell them to you are the reason its expensive just to buy tickets.

    the video screens there were decent, but from what I have seen of the renderings, they still need room for ads and scoreboards, so yeah, its a huge HD tv but really the game will be shown on a screen not much bigger than the one we had previously.

    we are also updating sound, installing elevators and adding ribbon banners too, and it isn’t to increase fan experience, it is in the Titans lease that the city pays to upgrade the stadium every so often. So this 25 million dollar renovation wouldn’t happen if the team had to actually foot the bill. He is doing a nice job of making it sound like the Titans are doing everything they can do to increase the fan experience, really, the Titans just cashed in on that clause in the lease.

  6. I go to 4 games a year due to family with season tickets. I have to buy the beer, drive and pay for parking. After every game I say to myself, “had a good time, but rather of stayed at home”. Lower prices would bring more fans. Simple.

  7. Individual TiVo screens at each seat, so we can criticize the referees who’ve just jobbed our team in real time.

    Just kidding.

    How about cutting back on the “improvements” and lower the costs to attend the game?

  8. Great. Maybe Dallas’ punter can return the gesture and try to hit THEIR screens for practice like the jackass from TN did a few years back.

  9. Why is it so hard for teams to realize that overpriced everything is the problem?

    It’s not about cheerleaders, halftime shows, big screens. It’s 100% about the price of attending a game.

  10. imagine if teams would just lower their ticket prices rather than spend absurd amounts of money to keep their ticket prices absurdly high

  11. Best (worst) story I heard recently about ticket prices is the 49ers fan who’d been attending home games since Kezar Stadium. In order to keep tickets at the same approximate location, the team asked for $80,000 for a personal seat license…PER SEAT, for four seats.

    That’s $320,000, for the math-impaired….and didn’t include the $375 cost, per ticket, per game…..$15,000 per year for ten games (two of them practice games) for a group of four.

    For a mere $8000 total, he could buy four PSLs for the nosebleed seats….and then still be paying $85 per ticket, per game.

    Maybe they’ll change their name from the Forty Niners to the One Percenters, because soon, they’ll be the only ones who can afford it.

  12. Whether you can afford to attend or not, doesn’t matter. Sure the in-game experience is nice, but 9 out of 10 will opt for the in-home experience, and invest the difference. Any blue collar or semi white collar can do the math. Foregoing season tickets (plus the attendant costs) will save you at least a $1/2 million over a 20 year period.
    You’re already paying to see the game anyway with products you buy via advertising costs. Why not save gas and the envirnoment and it becomes a win win. NFL never loses because of TV revenue, and you save enough to put another child through college or donate to your favorite charity. Screw the rich owners and players who just want more!

  13. titansfan615 says:Jun 11, 2012 7:55 PM

    I have 12th row tickets for the titans and i pay about 62 dollars a game. I am not buying 7 dollar beers though, but I guarantee you you couldn’t buy a flat screen tv with what i pay to go to a game.


    Does that $62 include the PSL? If not, how much is the PSL?

  14. Hey bigwalt2990,

    There has never been a kickoff to hit the big screen in Jerry’s World or a punt in a reg. season game. The only reason one did hit the screen is cause some puke rookie punter from the Titans needed some press. So why dont you shut your face and go down on your gay lover Enrique

  15. I live 10 minutes from Cowboys stadium and have been to one game. Too flashy and expensive. If you go there to watch the 50 trillion dollar TV then you may as well stay home anyway. And all that extra cash it’s brought in hasn’t made the team any better. I miss Texas stadium, where I went to more games than I’ll remember. RIP.

  16. 750 per seat in the PSL in 1999. Haven’t paid anything since 1999 towards the PSL. Only paid season ticket prices. Granted in 1999 the season tickets were 45 dollars a game. I have seen PSL’s in my section going for around 1500 now on ticket exchange.

    But as a season ticket holder, I would like some benefits. It wouldn’t kill them to let the season ticket holders walk on the field during warm ups and return to your seat before the game starts. That costs them NOTHING! They already have security all over the field during warm ups, why not let some fans who have been there since day 1 walk around?

    Even something as nice as a big tent during training camp that season ticket holders get to get some relief from the sun while attending training camp. Little things like that should be benefits to being a season ticket holder. And to someone like me it would go a long way and it would mean a lot. That would show me the franchise is making an effort to reward fans for being season ticket holders especially since day 1 here in Nashville.

  17. itansfan615 says: Jun 11, 2012 7:55 PM

    I have 12th row tickets for the titans and i pay about 62 dollars a game. I am not buying 7 dollar beers though, but I guarantee you you couldn’t buy a flat screen tv with what i pay to go to a game. My season tickets are around 650 a year so in a full season you could get a decent flat screen but not in one game.


    PER SEAT. Do you go alone? I’m betting not because that isn’t fun. So if there are two of you, now the seats are $1300. PSL’s? How about parking? You never eat food or buy any drinks there? Even the most frugal eater would still be out at least $1500. So yes, for the cost of season tickets you could buy a decent flat screen TV. Heck, you could buy one decent one and then pay for the NFL sunday ticket and still have money left over.

  18. Want me to come to the stadium? Give me a couch, a 52 inch flat screen, a stocked mini fridge, all the hot dogs I can hold and a pretty thing to keep it all coming. Then I’ll definitely…
    Oh wait…traffic, parking, drunken idiots, parking lot brawls, extended stays in ICU…
    Hmmm… I think I’m good. I’ll just stay home. 🙂

  19. Contrary to the incessant complaining about the price to attend a game, the sure-fire way to put people in the seats is to put a consistently competitive product on the field in a market that actually has the population and desire to support an NFL franchise. Face value tickets are, for the most part, reasonably priced. This coming from a season ticket holder.

  20. The Titans have some of the lowest ticket prices in the NFL.

    I was a season ticket holder for 8 years, I had two PSL’s at a one time combined cost of $500, and my annual season ticket renewal was only $350 per seat (I had two)

    That’s $35 per game, If that’s too much, I don’t know what to tell you.

  21. Me, my dad and my uncle all go to the games. They pay for their seats I pay for mine. And we get bottle water or something of course. BUT it isn’t outrageous. 3-6 bucks pending if i want to go crazy and get 2 waters. Usually we eat a brunch before the game so we are good to go. How is that so hard? How does that equate to 1 million over 20 years? Brunch is like 7 dollars per person and odds are I was going to buy a meal any ways. I always say, if you don’t like the prices dont buy it. Come prepared. And we do. If you aren’t buying the over priced drinks and what not, then maybe they will eventually drop prices. Actions speak louder than words, its elementary. Don’t sit on a comment blog and complain about it. Same thing about complaining about prices, if my 65 dollars a game is outrageous, ok, get out of the way and someone else will gladly buy them. We have sold out every game since 99.

  22. Oh and there is plenty of free street parking in Nashville on the weekends. You just have to walk a little bit further. And if thats not enough, my uncle’s office is downtown and he has a key card to get in the parking garage for free. Not to mention parking is 5-10 bucks which isn’t bad either. So 10 games a season 100 bucks if I wanted to pay. Theres a reason a lot of people travel to nashville to see their team play. Its so easy and cheap to get here and go. Maybe i am an exception to the rule, but there are plenty of people in nashville that know someone that can get free parking in a garage or a lot they work for during the weekdays.

  23. Tennessee has the 3rd lowest average household income in the country. It is the lowest of states that have a pro team. The ticket prices are low relative another stadium but not relative to what people can pay there.

    For most people, it is not just the ticket price that is the issue. It is the package of costs that go with attending such as transportation, parking, and food and drink. Also, most people discussing this are responsible for buying everything for 2-4 people. Not some random that buys one ticket and bums a ride with his neighbor to the game.

    For people taking a family even at $62 a ticket you are easily looking at a $400 day. Newegg had a nice 40 in Samsung LCD on sale for $389 the other day. For half the cost of a single season of that (4 games) one could buy the TV, Sunday ticket, 4 kegs of beer, 40 12″ subs, and still have $200 for chips and other snacks.

    On top of that they make you buy two preseason games which are worthless. For just the ticket cost ($500) you could buy a recliner that is 100 times as comfortable as the plastic seat they give you in the stadium.

    The rest of the season? That’s $1600 more bucks you can figure out how to spend.

  24. Yes, because it’s been all roses for Cowboys on the field since they put those things in.

  25. Living one state over I must say that attending Panthers and Bobcats games are very inexpensive compared to larger market teams.. I just got Bobcat PSL’s stupid cheap and the game rate is $2 per game.. I know that sounds unbelwivable but google it loll.. Either way, we all watch football. Only a few teams really struggle filling seats.. A town with a population around a million is bound to have 50,000 individuals that can afford it for only 10 games a year. Not to mention out of town visitors and the fans that save for 1 game a season

  26. folkcrusader says:
    Jun 11, 2012 11:40 PM
    Tennessee has the 3rd lowest average household income in the country. It is the lowest of states that have a pro team. The ticket prices are low relative another stadium but not relative to what people can pay there.


    You fail to mention that Tennessee has the 2nd lowest cost of living in the country (2nd to Oklahoma)

    I grew up in Florida and currently live in Texas, I made more money living in Tennessee than I ever did in Florida or Texas.

    Also, keep in mind, Tennessee only has 6 million residents, more than half of that alone is in the Nashville and Memphis metro’s. That leaves Chattanooga, Knoxville, and the rest of the states small towns to make up the rest.

  27. it’s not so much the ticket prices (for the Titans as an example, forget other teams), it’s the other stuff. Food, beer. I don’t know about you, but I don’t pay for parking, I park downtown for FREE and walk my butt a bit further, but it’s FREE, so stop complaining about the parking fee. The fans are not paying for these upgrades, nor are the tax payers. I read a while back that the cost to build LP Field was one of the cheapest built, which is why the ticket prices are so low.

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