PFT Live: Archie Manning and Brian Westbrook

Tuesday’s PFT Live will have a retro feel as we welcome a couple of former NFL greats to the program.

Archie Manning has found a pretty easy way to stay connected to the game since he retired. As you might have heard, a couple of his sons followed in his footsteps as quarterbacks. We’ll check in to see how Peyton is adjusting to life in Denver and how Eli enjoys being a two-time Super Bowl champion.

Brian Westbrook hasn’t spawned a running back dynasty as yet, but we’ll have plenty to talk to him about all the same. Westbrook had some issues with concussions during his playing days so we’ll hear what he thinks about the increased focus on those injuries.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.


4 responses to “PFT Live: Archie Manning and Brian Westbrook

  1. I really miss Brian Westbrook. He was such an exciting player to watch.

    Unfortunately, his health never seemed to be 100%. And it really made it seem like he had a very very short career.

    When he was drafted in 2002 and split carries with Duce and Buckhalter, it was a tremendous thing to watch. Once Brian took over the reins from Duce as the feature back, it really changed our offense.

    He was such a fantastic receiving threat as well as running back. And for his size, supremely strong. And his pass protection was very very underrated. I sincerely wish the Eagles could have gotten 2-3 more seasons of 2k yard production from him.

    The 7 years he spent in Philly went in the blink of an eye. Great player, classy guy, and a very generous individual off the field. And when I met him at the Eagles carnival, he actually seemed to enjoy what he was doing by meeting fans, as opposed to someone like McNabb that didnt want to be within 30 foot of a normal person.

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