Reggie Bush is ready for a lot of carries in Miami


Reggie Bush had a career-high 216 carries for a career-high 1,086 yards in his first season with the Dolphins last year, and this season he thinks he’s ready to top that.

Bush, who has previously said he’s setting his sights on leading the league in rushing, says that he’s seen enough of new coach Joe Philbin’s offense to believe that he’s going to get a lot of carries this season.

“We’re still gonna attack,” Bush told the Sun-Sentinel. “We’re still gonna run the ball a lot. I don’t think that’s something that’s going to change too much. . . . I think people know we can run the ball here. That’s something we don’t want to fall off of. We want to continue to run the ball because the run goes hand-in-hand with the pass, and sets up the pass and vice versa.”

No matter who wins the three-way quarterback race featuring Matt Moore, David Garrard and Ryan Tannehill, Philbin isn’t going to have a quarterback anything like the one he had as the offensive coordinator in Green Bay. So Bush is likely right that Philbin will want to run the ball a lot. And the Dolphins will need Bush to keep running the way he did late last season, when he topped 100 yards in each of his last four games and finally started to look like the kind of featured back who can lead an NFL offense.

11 responses to “Reggie Bush is ready for a lot of carries in Miami

  1. I hope he doesn’t get too many carries. He has had a history of not being able to stay healthy for a season. Last year being the exception. Philbin will bring the Green Bay version of the West coast offense so I don’t see them running the ball too much.

  2. well that’s too bad – ’cause it doesn’t sound like he’s ready or he’s gonna get them.

  3. Going to wreck alot of Fantasy Football teams this year.
    I’m drafting him again anyways…

  4. As a Saints fan I’ve watched him from day 1. In spite of a lot of ups and downs I will always be grateful for his showing against the Cardinals in the 09 playoffs. He was a beast when we needed him most.

    That said, the only way I can respond to the title of this article is, “No he’s not.”

  5. as a Dolphins fan….it would be nice if he did. If the running game works well it would take alot of pressure off of who ever the QB is. Reggie have better eat his Wheaties and drink plenty of milk and stay healthy because if he dosn’t we will see alot of Daniel Thomas and the rook Lamar Miller

  6. Reggie and Moore did very good last year with first yr on team practices or training camps…I believe. He will break that record..I believe Moore will do better ..second yr now they no the system..go Reggie offence player of the yr. With ocho most come back player of the yr.. lets go dolphins

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