Luck not worried about his contract, yet


With so many rookie deals already done, those that aren’t become slightly more glaring than they usually would be as of June 20.

As to the top eight picks in the 2012 draft, a major sticking point continues to be the question of whether the teams will drop from the deals language offsetting the players’ guaranteed money with pay they’d receive from their next team, if they’re cut during the four years of their contracts.

Regardless of the reason(s) for his deal not being done, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck isn’t worried.

“To me, I worry about getting better at football,” the first overall pick said Tuesday after an Indianapolis “Play 60” event, via the Associated Press.  “My agent, I’ll let him take care of that.”

It’s the right approach, but what if Luck’s agent-uncle can’t get it done before it’s time to go to training camp?  Since the agent-uncle (or is it uncle-agent?) is inexperienced, the Colts may try to drive a harder bargain — and at some point Luck’s agent-uncle-agent may be forced to take what’s on the table or advise Luck to stay away from training camp.

Yes, there’s still plenty of time before Colts fans should start worrying.  But given the unprecedented number of rookie contracts that have been completed, it makes sense to keep an eye on those that have yet to be signed on the dotted line.

9 responses to “Luck not worried about his contract, yet

  1. Yeah, it has to be tough to iron out the contract when the owner has already publicly committed to $20 million over 4 years. I’m glad he wants to just play football and leave the contract negotiations to his uncle agent, but let’s face it–all he has to say is, “Uncle, let’s wrap it up today. OK?” and everything would be done.

  2. I am pretty surprised that someone that graduated from Stanford and is obviously a very smart person would be foolish enough to hire a family member as his agent. Now all he needs to do is hire his best friend as his accountant and open a restaurant.

  3. saklr1,

    Why is it automatically Indy who is to blame? That’s a giant leap to just assume it’s the Team and not the Agent.

    Word has been that the talks have advanced well and a deal could come at any time. There isn’t a “hold out”, more demands, etc… it’s simply crafting a deal for the #1 pick which takes time.


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