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Ray Rice demonstrates that he’s staying in great shape

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Ray Rice remains unsigned as the Ravens’ franchise player, but coach John Harbaugh said last month that he’s not concerned about Rice showing up in shape, whenever he does show up. And now Rice has demonstrated exactly why.

Rice has been writing on Twitter about his 5:15 a.m. workouts, and he recently linked to a video that shows him running up and down bleachers while wearing a weighted vest and holding a keg in each hand, above his head. Yes, he’s in good shape.

The Ravens slapped Rice with the franchise tag, and Rice has shown little interest in signing the one-year, $7.7 million tender. For their part, the Ravens have shown little interest in signing Rice to a long-term contract that pays him like he wants to be paid, in the range of the contracts that Adrian Peterson and Chris Johnson signed last year. So it’s possible that Rice will remain unsigned well into training camp.

But Harbaugh said that no matter how long Rice is out, he’ll be ready to go when the time comes.

Ray will be ready to go when the season starts, he’ll be in shape and he’ll be Ray Rice,” Harbaugh said. “He’s one of the hardest-working guys, and I have complete trust in Ray.”

Rice’s workout video is a strong indication that Harbaugh is right to trust in Ray.

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15 Responses to “Ray Rice demonstrates that he’s staying in great shape”
  1. thankheavenfornumberseven says: Jun 22, 2012 10:41 AM

    Yeah, but he downs both those kegs by himself after the workout is over.

  2. crik911 says: Jun 22, 2012 10:43 AM

    I’m pretty sure those kegs are empty, and that’s what ten stairs. Not my definition of beastin’.

  3. greglloydrules says: Jun 22, 2012 10:48 AM

    He’s going to have to get stronger. Who else is gonna carry this team on offense. Flacco is poop.

  4. youarewrongandthisiswhy says: Jun 22, 2012 10:56 AM

    They won’t have money for Rice. They need to give Flacco Top 5 QB money. Flacco is the franchise.

  5. dram931 says: Jun 22, 2012 11:23 AM

    I think the Ravens need to pay Rice…he’s a rare kind of player. Flacco shouldn’t be the franchise. What has he done besides underwhelm and call himself “the best”? Pay Rice…let another QB throw screen plays to him and the occasional bomb to T.Smith.

  6. humbleminded85 says: Jun 22, 2012 11:54 AM

    @crik911 Wow where do I begin? First and foremost…where is your video of you doing anything like that tough guy? I googled and googled several times but your no where to be found. Secondly, can you not see his veins popping out of his arms and forearms? Your gonna tell me that an empty keg would make him stay flexing like that? Also no mention about the weight jacket he had on? Why not? Only in the social media world that we live in now can someone actually type up such stupidity AND get thumbs up for it.

  7. napoleonblownapart6887 says: Jun 22, 2012 11:55 AM

    Even empty, those kegs probably weigh about 40 lbs, and theyre not exactly the easiest thing to carry because they are so cumbersome. Its impressive.

    It’s good that he’s in shape, but the Ravens need to get this done so that he can regain the chemistry and timing with his QB and OLine though.

  8. rockthered1286 says: Jun 22, 2012 11:58 AM

    dram931 says:
    …Flacco shouldn’t be the franchise. What has he done besides underwhelm and call himself “the best”?
    Wrong twice:

    #1-How is throwing a GW TD pass to Lee Evans in the AFCC (only to be dropped, all on Evans not on Joe) underwhelming? And how about going into the 2011-12 season with Boldin, 2 2nd year TE’s, a rookie in Torrey Smith and a part time Evans? Not like he’s throwing to a bunch of studs. Well, not until Torrey breaks out this year. And Streeter in 2 years.

    #2- Joe never called himself the best, he said every QB needs to think that of themselves, or else you’re setting up for failure, which is absolutely true. He never said he is the best and deserves to be paid as such. He never said I’m better than Manning and Brady.

  9. crik911 says: Jun 22, 2012 12:04 PM

    @humbleminded85: I never said it was easy. I never said it wasn’t impressive. All i said was ten steps empty kegs. It turns out its actually 13 steps x 4, 52 times with about a hundred pounds of weight. Is it grinding? Sure, Beasting, no way.

  10. humbleminded85 says: Jun 22, 2012 12:21 PM

    Understood. Didn’t mean to jump on ya I just thought it was rather easy for someone to TYPE about someone actually putting in work. I do have to ask you a honest question…what is the definition of “beasting”? Is it like the word “hater” or “swag”? Meaning it has no actual definition but it’s cool to say? I just turned 30 so you’ll have to excuse me as I’m just trying to learn these things.

  11. skolvikesskol says: Jun 22, 2012 12:25 PM


    U wldnt know a beast if it ate ur face off.

  12. crik911 says: Jun 22, 2012 12:37 PM

    @skolvikesskol: A beast is someone who makes other men look like children. Makes them wish they weren’t matched up against them.

    I’m not taking anything away from Ray Rice he’s a heck of a back and deserves his big time contract (Mr. Newsome). I’m just saying I expect more when someone says BEAST.


    @humleminded85: I am getting a little hung up on the word Beast I suppose. I’m sure there is a urban dictionary definition for the word. Realistically I think when someone just dominates someone else.

  13. thegenoatkinsdiet says: Jun 22, 2012 12:55 PM

    You go, Ray. Make the Ravens pay. Dearly. Break the salary cap bank while you can. Take it all. Please.

  14. wjmoffatt says: Jun 22, 2012 1:09 PM

    Ray I’m having a party next wknd, want to bring those things over? Give a good workout giving us keg stands all night

  15. smalltownqb says: Jun 22, 2012 1:36 PM

    Nothing replaces training camp. Start worrying if he is not there. Otherwise if your job is to keep your body in shape I do not see why this is anything outside of the norm.

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