Jared Cook waiting to hear from Titans on possible extension

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Titans tight end Jared Cook knows he has a lot on the line this year. And he wants to remind the Titans about that as well.

Cook said he hasn’t heard from the team about the possibility of a contract extension, and passed along word that he wouldn’t be opposed to hearing from them on the topic, either. He’d be an unrestricted free agent after this season, and sounds like a man who wants to do business sooner rather than later.

I would like to stay here. I like Tennessee a lot, but you just kind of block it out and take care of your job,” Cook told Terry McCormick of Titan Insider. “As long as you take care of your job, you’ll be all right. I’m still waiting (to hear), but hopefully soon.”

Cook’s the pass-catching threat they can count on among their current depth chart, as he had 49 receptions for 759 yards last year. That’s what they were hoping for when they traded a 2010 second-rounder to take him in the 2009 third.

The Titans have already started talking with cornerback Jason McCourty about an extension, so it’s not as if they’re opposed to working in advance. They just haven’t gotten around to Cook yet, and he’s giving them a little nudge to remind them he’s still waiting.

3 responses to “Jared Cook waiting to hear from Titans on possible extension

  1. I think Titan fans are waiting to hear whether JC is a complete bust, or just simply a bust. Show up this year big boy!

  2. Cook could be a beast he just hasn’t lived up to it. He runs a sub 4.6 and has great hands (terrible blocker though). He could have a breakout season this year and that’s why the Titans need to sign him now and lock him up long-term. Cause if he gets over 1000 yards this year, he’ll be much more expensive after the season.

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