Max Starks nearing 100 percent, still no spot for him with Steelers

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There’s been a lot of speculation around Pittsburgh that the Steelers will sign tackle Max Starks once he’s recovered enough from his torn ACL to get back on the field.

According to Starks, that day is getting closer. He tweeted a photo of himself doing a pass blocking drill on Friday and one of his squat totals while passing along his belief that he’s almost 100 percent. The Steelers have been keeping tabs on Starks’ health throughout the offseason, although their decision to draft David DeCastro and Mike Adams with their first two picks in April sent a message about their desire to move in younger directions on the offensive line.

Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that nothing much has changed on that front. Per Kaboly, the Steelers “won’t consider” Starks “until/if” Adams proves he isn’t ready to start as a rookie or if there’s an injury to either Adams or projected right tackle Marcus Gilbert.

The latter could happen at any moment, obviously, but there will need to be some time to evaluate Adams before the Steelers pull the plug. That might work well for giving Starks time rehab, but if Adams is up to the task it looks like Starks will have to go elsewhere in order to continue his football career.

3 responses to “Max Starks nearing 100 percent, still no spot for him with Steelers

  1. All Steelers fans like and appreciate what Max Starks has meant to the team. Regardless of the above factors, if Max is healthy, please resign him!

  2. Having a healthy, in-shape Max on the roster for camp would be a luxury because he’d have the opportunity to learn Haley’s system and be in place in the event of an injury. But there’s no reason to assume Adams can’t do the job, and we may not be able to afford to carry Max as a backup. Let’s get DeCastro signed and see what the budget allows.

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