T.O., Drew Brees part of group working out in San Diego

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There are no organized activities going on in the NFL right now, leaving players to their own devices.

Some players celebrate the freedom by getting arrested while others use the time to organize their own workouts to pass the time until training camp. The latter choice can lead to some strange groups getting on the field together. A group that worked out together in San Diego on Thursday is going to be one of the toughest to beat for the honors of the strangest grouping of the year. We’ll let Saints quarterback Chase Daniel handle the introductions:

Oh, to be a fly on the wall for the Terrell Owens-Kyle Boller meeting. “Hey Kyle, I’m Terrell, the receiver who refused a trade to the Ravens partly because I didn’t want to play with you.”

We all know that Owens is still hoping to catch on with an NFL team for the 2012 season and there are worse ways for him to go about doing it than cozying up to starting quarterbacks. Given the makeup of the Saints and Raiders rosters, Drew Brees and Carson Palmer might not be the right quarterbacks but impressing a quarterback enough to have him go to the mat for you is worth a shot since nothing else has worked for Owens

If nothing else comes out of it, at least we’ll know who to blame if Brees’ contract fight with the Saints takes a turn toward calisthenics in the driveway.

8 responses to “T.O., Drew Brees part of group working out in San Diego

  1. After some other beach patrons complained about the flying sand, the San Diego workout group put the foam football back on their picnic bench, by the cooler, and stretched out on their blankets again.

  2. So now we know where Brees is learning his self destructive behavior as of late.

  3. Alper, give Owens a break! Just because you find him unlikeable or saw him in too many positions where he looked less than respectful it doesn’t mean that he always has bad manners.

    He’s only voiced his opinion after a bad game or sounded out of turn when he criticized someone during a press conference or interview.

    He doesn’t have that bad of manners!!! Just get to know the guy and you’ll be shocked how much bed wetting his critics have done.

    He’s more normal than you think. Just chill!

  4. oh yay a bunch of blabber mouth losers playing pitch and catch. next week they’ll all be up at sarah palin’s place clubbing baby seals.

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