Above all else, Schaub needs to show he can stay healthy

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Of the various factors that will determine Matt Schaub’s future with the Texans, the biggest of all falls, to a large extent, beyond his control.


John McClain of the Houston Chronicle joined PFT Live on Friday, and he explained that Schaub’s contract, which expires after the 2012 season, is and will be a “non-issue” until Schaub shows he can be available to play.

“They’re not gonna give him an extension ’til he proves he can stay healthy,” McClain said. “That he can indeed bounce back from the Lisfranc surgery that he had.  He’s working out [Friday] with his receivers at the University of Houston, since they would not let him participate in OTAs and minicamp, even though he was 100 percent then.”

Schaub missed six games in 2011 after suffering the foot injury.  “This is his sixth year in this system, and he has not finished three of those seasons,” McClain said.

Of course, staying healthy may not be enough.  Schaub also needs to play well, and the team needs to at least come within striking distance of its sky-high expectations.

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4 responses to “Above all else, Schaub needs to show he can stay healthy

  1. If he can stay healthy, with the offense pieces they have and Wade’s defense this team can be in Superbowl contention. It’s shame he can’t stay upright.

  2. If he stays healthy for all of 2012, how does that one season prove he can stay healthy? I don’t see it giving him any additional leverage unless he makes it to the AFCC or SB.

  3. Dude might be the most unathletic QB in the league besides Kyle Orton, which certainly contributes to him being injury prone…

    If you’d see him on the street, you’d think of an office clerk, not a starting NFL QB…

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