Fred Jackson accomplishes his goal of buying his mom a house

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When Bills running back Fred Jackson was 12 years old, the college football movie The Program hit theaters. And it made quite an impression on young Fred. And had an effect on his mom as well.

Jackson said in an interview on SportsCenter that he was inspired by the character Alvin Mack, whose goal was to make enough money playing football to buy his mother a house, and Jackson made that his own goal as well — a goal he recently accomplished.

“I was able to go get her a house,” Jackson said. “The Program was one of my favorite movies growing up. He promised her a house and gave her a doorknob he told her he would get her a house for once he got to the NFL. I made my mom that same promise right after that movie. I was able to do so this past offseason. She’s loving it, loving every minute of it, and it’s one of the proudest things I’ve ever done for my mom. Just to see her happy about it makes it all worth it.”

Jackson also shared the story of how he informed his mother that she had a new house, which came as a complete surprise to her: When she first saw the nice house she was moving into, she thought it was the home of another Bills player.

“I told her we were actually going to hang out with one of my teammates who wanted to meet her,” Jackson said. “She walked in and she saw pictures of my kids on the wall and she was like, ‘What is going on here? Why are there pictures of your kids on the wall?’ And that’s how I told it to her: I told her, ‘It’s your house and the kids are on the wall for you to look at.'”

A nice gift, from one of the NFL’s nice guys.

24 responses to “Fred Jackson accomplishes his goal of buying his mom a house

  1. As a Bills fan, I’m just hoping the same thing that happened to Alvin Mack doesn’t happen to Freddy.

  2. How did it take him so long? Looking at his career earnings it just doesn’t make sense. This must be the second house he bought her.

  3. I like Fred Jackson – and am glad he got a new, more lucrative contract this year after working so hard to break into the NFL in 2007.

    But even under his old contract wasn’t he making nearly $2 million a year under his 2009 extension?

    From the sounds of it he wanted to get her a REALLY nice house which is sweet – but if I ever pull in $2 million in a year, my mom is getting a new house right away.

  4. Great story. This just adds to Fred’s good reputation. I know a lot of players probably do this for their family but this guy kept his promise after being ignored by the NFL for years. I hope she can afford the house when he isn’t playing football anymore.

  5. Well done Mr. Jackson. A nice thing indeed.

    I hope both he and/or his mom will be able to continue paying taxes on it long after his career is over.

  6. Freddy’s the man. Next he can buy her a nice car when he’s top 5 in rushing and gets a beefy extension

  7. If you’re going to spend your money on something, a house for your hard-working mom is at the top of the list. Great story.

  8. awesome! yes, I am a but surprised that it’s taken him this long but who knows what other financial obligations are that he’s had. good for him and her.

  9. I wanted to say something pointed about that Jets backup Quarterback, but that would have been censored.

    So I’ll just chime in and congratulate Mr. Jackson on being a great person and living up to his word.

    Keeping promises is challenge enough; doing so for your family is heavier still. Way to go!

  10. With the financial condition many of these players find themselves in after retirement, I’m not sure buying mama a house is the best use of his money. First, he should be saving as much for himself as he can. Second, why does mama need a mansion? How about a modest house and a nice monthly stipend for her to enjoy and use to travel or whatever. What good is a mansion for one or maybe two people?

    This is a great gesture but too many times we see these dumb purchases by dumb jocks.

  11. I’m thinking one of two things:

    1.) His mom already had a decent house and Fred was paying for the utilities and mortgage. Or

    2.) He wanted to actually buy a nice house straight up, with no payments and complete ownership. Don’t ever have to worry about losing it because all you have to do is pay the bills.

    Either way, it’s a great story. I’ve always wanted to do this for my family and it’s still one of my goals.

  12. Why is this a story? Is it really THAT uncommon for millionaire athletes to buy a house for their parent(s)? Yes, it’s fantastic of him to have done and he deserves props, but you just don’t hear this kind of thing very often. So either the vast majority of professional athletes are extremely selfish, or this shouldn’t be a story.

    My question is did he buy it for her straight up with cash? Or did he put 20% down and leave her paying a mortgage?

  13. gmsalpha;

    You are an Ass. Who does that? Who would buy a meal for their girl friend, then turn around and ask for her to handle the tip? Or buy gas and movie tickets?

    Who would give a gift that becomes the expense responsibility of the recipient?

    Of course he paid it off or is paying the mortgage himself! Who would buy a house that can’t afford it? Who even qualifies for a mortgage these days without proving his/her ability to pay? No one!

    I see that you are asking some kind of deep question about athletes and their selfishness. Many are, but many are not. Fred Jackson is NOT.

    Your cynicism is getting the better of you. Go watch puppies play or listen to children sing and force yourself to smile a little.

  14. Quality person!! Awesome player. The Bills are lucky to have him. He got stuck behind Lynch he never complained.. He worked harder. The Bills draft Spiller in the first.. He still just worked harder. Alot of players around the league as well as many young people can use this guy as an example to follow!

  15. Pure class. After all the BS with other players and their problems, this is touching to read.

  16. Good for him, and I’m not going to make any comments about how it took him so long. Some of these comments are ridiculous, though. I guess no one ever reads about all the athlete bankruptcies and foreclosures,frequently including houses owned by, co-owned, or inhabited by the parents. Like one of the comments above questioned if he would just pay a down payment-that got thumbs down. Then some hysterical commenter claimed that “no one does that.” Sure they do. Rich athletes and other celebrities regularly go broke with mortgages on houses that are a mere fraction of their earnings, yet they can’t make the payments. And a lot of these houses are inhabited by relatives or GFs or “baby mamas” or whoever. A lot of people just pay a down payment or mortgage out the a$$. Why do you see guys who made $100 million going bankrupt and losing $2 million houses and stuff?

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