Jonathan Stewart intends to remain a Panther

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The Panthers’ decision to sign running back Mike Tolbert as a free agent this offseason, it called into question their plans for the future with Jonathan Stewart, who can become a free agent after this season.

Stewart said that he wanted to stay with the team and the Panthers said that they were interested in signing him to an extension. That turned out to be little more than lip service, but it hasn’t soured Stewart on sticking with the team in 2013 and beyond.

“We’re good. There’s no reason I would want to leave as of now,” Stewart said to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer. “That being said, I’m a Panther and I intend on being one.”

The difficult part of keeping Stewart is going to be the five-year, $43 million deal that the team signed DeAngelo Williams to before last season. Matching the Williams deal would make it tough for the Panthers to keep both players and Stewart has a decent argument that he deserves a bigger deal based on 2011 and the expected trajectory for the future. Stewart played 55 percent of the snaps last season and Williams rarely saw action in the red zone, trends that don’t figure to change now that Tolbert is in town as well.

3 responses to “Jonathan Stewart intends to remain a Panther

  1. The Panthers could trade Williams or Stewart, but Williams contract makes that a risky proposition. Stewart has more upside, and would carry a heavier price tag in trade.

    Still, it’s a nice problem to have… too much talent at RB.

  2. It will be done. It won’t come to this, but you restructure — even cut DeAngelo and re-sign him if you have to. Gotta lock-up a 25 year old stud RB who can do it all.

  3. Williams and Stewart = Sonic and Knuckles.

    Being a Panthers fan, I would hate to see one of the most exciting RB tandems get broken up but that’s the business aspect of the NFL. It’s honestly a toss up as to who should be traded as they are both really good backs.

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