Irsay predicts Luck will be in camp on time


After nearly three weeks of telling the world (via Twitter) that a deal with quarterback Andrew Luck is “close,” Colts owner Jim Irsay has ventured out onto the thinnest part of the limb.

He has predicted that Luck will be in training camp on time.

Irsay later rebuked a doubting Twitterer, saying “what the hell does it matter if #12 is signed tonight or in 14 days, it matters not a iota.”

What matters is that, by “predicting” the deal will be done before camp opens, Irsay may have yielded some leverage to Luck’s agent/uncle/agent, who could prove his mettle as a fledgling representative of pro athletes by digging in his heels and forcing Irsay to make that final key concession or two.  Which could help Irsay avoid having to eventually say on Twitter something like “what the hell does it matter if #12 misses a practice or two, it matters not a iota.”

Irsay also predicts that the Colts will endure no blackouts this year, something over which Irsay likewise has control.  If the team comes close to selling all non-premium tickets, Irsay can buy the remaining seats at 34 cents on the dollar to ensure that the blackout will be lifted.

And then he can give the tickets purchased at 34 cents on the dollar away on Twitter.

Abby’s hatpick!

22 responses to “Irsay predicts Luck will be in camp on time

  1. Lmfao, this one made my night! I love it when florio writes about his tweets… Seriously, I love Irsay, he is a clown, but he is my favorite clown! Abby’s hatpick! At least it was decipherable, and not the usual. HU cares if luck not on winding,road,weBuildingmnstr,money,hoes,close,luck signs by,wen, 4 salted, cashews, an,secret,message,

  2. I’m telling you this guy is the essential scientific experiment n=1 of how social media can be abused and inflame one’s own social community, rather than social media being a positive.

  3. Thanks Irsay!

    If it weren’t for you mismanaged front office picks 2-20 would have alreay been signed!

  4. I liked it just fine NEVER hearing from J.Irsay before his tweets and I am a Colts fan.
    If there was 1 NFL owner that I’d like to sit and have a beer with it’s (gulp)…… Bob Kraft.
    But hey, it’s Irsay’s toy, not mine.

  5. I get it, the Colts are a small market team and not even the whole state of Indiana roots for them, but for the love of Pete, can we go one friggin’ day without slamming this franchise? Yeah Irsay lobs up the beach balls for you Florio via twitter and this whole black out thing hinges on our ownership’s arrogance, but there are a few thousand of us that still bleed blue. Give us just one weekend without reminding us that our owner is privy to 2013 bath salts.
    Please and thanks!!

  6. Someone should ban Jim Irsay from twitter so he stops making more of a fool out of himself and maintains what little respect the Colts have left.

  7. Hope Indy fans are waing up to how lucky (no pun intended) to have PM as the defacto face, ruler, etc of the organization for the last decade plus. Now the drunken wannabe rock star owner is showing the true face of the club that PM kept in the background for so long.

  8. While the Panthers and Cam Newton thank Luck for passing on Charlotte in last year’s draft, the Redskins thank the Colts for not taking RGIII.

  9. Even with a rookie wage scale, they still are having trouble signing Luck? Hell at least Newton signed quickly with the Panthers last year.

  10. I think its becoming really clear now why Manning and the colts only got 1 Lombardi. Irsay is a clown.

  11. What an a$$ clown

    This could have been done SB week when Indy mattered to the rest of the world.

  12. and once again, all the people in Baltimore let out a collective sigh of relief realizing that Jimmy Irsay is in Indy and Steve B. is in Baltimore….

    In retrospect, thank G-d for Mayflower.

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