Six months after knee injury, John Kuhn unsure what he can do


Packers fullback John Kuhn suffered a knee injury in Green Bay’s playoff loss to the Giants, and six months later he still isn’t 100 percent sure that he’ll be ready to go full speed at training camp.

Kuhn, who was ranked by his peers as the 92nd best player in the NFL, told that he has been working hard to rehab his knee but isn’t sure if the team’s medical staff will clear him to be at full-go for the start of training camp in ten days.

“Those decisions aren’t up to myself,” Kuhn said in a phone interview. “I anticipate being able to do some work, but I’m not exactly sure what that’s going to be. It will be something on the field, but I’m just not sure how many active plays it will include. I feel healthy enough. But sometimes you feel healthy enough and coaches and doctors want to be cautious. We’ll see.”

Shortly after the Packers’ loss to the Giants, Kuhn’s injury was described as an MCL sprain that wasn’t too serious. But it was apparently serious enough that six months of rest and rehab wasn’t enough for his knee to completely heal.

6 responses to “Six months after knee injury, John Kuhn unsure what he can do

  1. That’s called karma for cutting defenders and diving at their knees to block them instead of squaring up with them.

  2. It’s not like he was all that fast or could make the lambeau leap without a booster seat anyhow.

  3. I love how Bears, Vikings and Lions fans are reading a GB story just to run their mouths. You know how many stories I troll about your team…. Zero. Get well Kuhn. Go Pack.

  4. Fans liking white players better in GB is a complete ignorant racist rant. In reality, when Lombardi was head coach back when there were some real racist idiots,(still are) he was one of the first coaches that didn’t see color as a problem. Packer fans were one of the first fan bases to embrace this idea. Watch the Lombardi documentary. The haters need to come correct before puking out words.

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