In salary and endorsements, Peyton remains the NFL’s richest


Missing an entire season didn’t stop Peyton Manning from making a whole lot of money.

Sports Illustrated is out with its annual list of the 50 highest-paid athletes in American sports, and Manning is the top football player in the group, due to make a total of $31 million this year — $18 million from the Broncos and $13 million in endorsements.

Manning is the seventh-highest paid athlete in all of American sports. Floyd Mayweather tops the list at $85 million, followed by Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Alex Rodriguez.

Other NFL players on the list include Larry Fitzgerald ($26.75 million), Mario Williams ($25.5 million), Calvin Johnson ($22.75 million), Tom Brady ($22.25 million), Eli Manning ($21.75 million), Arian Foster ($19.75 million), Kevin Kolb ($17.5 million), Robert Mathis ($17.125 million), Calais Campbell ($17.1 million) and Charles Woodson ($15.8 million). The list was compiled before Drew Brees signed his five-year, $100 million contract with the Saints.

13 responses to “In salary and endorsements, Peyton remains the NFL’s richest

  1. Kevin Kolb making that list should be a warning to all franchises why not to make rash decisions out of desperation.

  2. I still laugh at how the eagles ripped off the cards. They’re paying 17 million thus year for kolb, hahahaha

  3. Does his total value include his rings? Because I would have to say that having little bro Eli with twice as many and his now clearly superior nemesis Brady with two extra rings add enough value to far surpass his cash total.

  4. It’s good to be Kolb right now. The only people who expect him to do anything good this year are people in AZ. Everyone else expects him to be the highest paid clipboard holder in America. No pressure there.
    Skelton wants an explanation.

  5. @coutre…Brady had 3 rings in his first 4 seasons and 0 rings in his last 6 seasons…Was he a better Quarterback in his first 4 seasons?…no one with any football knowledge would say yes to that…Proof that teams win SuperBowls, not superstar Quarterbacks…and save the Eli is better than Peyton talk…ridiculous

  6. Well all I can say is I hope Broncos fans can realize their team is in pure debt after this one so if peyton doesn’t take the broncos to the super bowl “cough” “cough” which he won’t! this is an epic fail on their organizations part for that kinda $ making the playoffs isnt gonna cut it!

  7. So Brees is 1st in the NFL now tho & prob 4th overall. About 10 mill in endorsements & 40 mill from the saints….so 50 mill is only behind Mayweather, woods, & phil. But that will only be for this yr….next yr hell fall back to 2nd-3rd in NFL & 8th-9th overall.

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