Bengals cheerleader charged with sex crime blames boy’s ex-girlfriend

Sarah Jones, the former high school teacher and Bengals cheerleader who has been charged with sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic devices over allegations that she had an affair with a boy at her school, says the boy’s gossiping ex-girlfriend is to blame.

“They were out of control . . . it’s actually the alleged victim’s ex-girlfriend,” Jones said on Today.

Prosecutors say Jones had sex with the boy at least four times in her apartment and sent explicit text messages to him. She faces up to five years in prison, and her mother, a former school principal in the same district who is accused of trying to cover up the affair, also faces five years in prison on a charge of evidence tampering.

Jones refused to answer directly when asked if she had sex with the boy.

“That is not something we are allowed to discuss at this time,” she said. still lists a woman named Sarah J. who is a high school English teacher as a member of the Ben-Gals, although she is no longer either a cheerleader for the team or a high school teacher after these charges were filed.

UPDATE: After we published this item, removed Jones’s profile.

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  1. Hmm, this could be a precedent for those at Penn St who covered up a child predator working as a coach for the football team and then allowing him to CONTINUE to use the facilities to lure more victims. Hey, according to Joe Pa and the admins, letting kids get molested is better than getting bad publicity. That’s the Penn St way.

  2. Cincinnati Bengals.. where even the cheerleaders are in trouble with the law…..

    Blur that Kentucky Shirt.. stop disgracing the only decent sports team in the tri-state area.

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