After DUI arrest, Britt was “working hard”

If you think that your favorite athlete is personally updating his social media accounts, think again.

While some do it themselves (except when they say something stupid and then have to claim that their account was hacked), plenty have people who do it for them.

One of the people who have people is Titans receiver Kenny Britt.  And the people who keep the people updated on Britt’s activities posted an unfortunate message on his Facebook page this morning, in the wake of the case of The People v. Kenny Britt.

“Working hard,” the message stated.

It’s possibly true, if it relates to the burden of making bail.

The post was quickly deleted.

Britt was arrested while driving a female soldier back to her base at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

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  1. My father was in the army and I lived on Fort Campbell for a few years, both pre and post 9/11, and let me tell you the MPs and security personnel who work the gates don’t play around. The odd thing about this whole situation is that the female soldier that was with them had to know that not only were they going to have to encounter law enforcement but there’s a process to account for civilians when they enter the base. So this is not a situation where Kenny was pulled over based on suspicion. He apparently willingly drove to the gate of a military installation behind the wheel of a car intoxicated. So for those of you out there wondering “Can this guy be any dumber,” I can attest that yes, in fact, he can.

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