David Diehl changes court dates, won’t miss any training camp

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When David Diehl was arrested for drunk driving in June, he was given a court date of July 26, which is the first day of the Giants’ training camp. But now Diehl has rescheduled his time in court to avoid a conflict.

According to the New York Post, Diehl’s attorneys arranged a quick hearing on Friday where they updated the judge about “continuing discussions for a possible disposition” for the DUI charges, and as a result Diehl won’t have to show up in court next week.

Diehl’s next court date is set for Friday, September 7, which is likely an off day for the Giants, who open the season against the Cowboys on Wednesday, September 5.

Diehl, who started all 16 regular-season games and all four postseason games on the Giants’ offensive line last season, is accused of smashing his BMW into two parked cars after getting drunk while watching a soccer game. He apologized afterward and promised it would never happen again.

10 responses to “David Diehl changes court dates, won’t miss any training camp

  1. He stepped right up and acknowledged his mistake. Has said all the right things. More of us should take accountability for our mistakes. Way to go, Dave.

  2. cowboyscanada says:
    Jul 21, 2012 8:44 PM
    All of these guys with DUI’s should automatically be suspended for one full season.

    Good idea, especially for first time offenders. But if they do that, cowboyscanada, then what do they do with Dez Bryant? Death sentence?

  3. No special treatment there….. Is it any wonder these idiots think the rules don’t apply to them? Just because they are never expected to actually have to abide the same rules as anyone else……

    If he was inconvenienced and embarrassed he might possibly make a better decision next time.

  4. “way to go, Dave” ??? the guy gets a dui, and you tell him way to go? I don’t understand athletes that drink and drive . do they understand that I’d they get in an accident, they could be seriously injured and never be able to play again? then they are out of a job. buy a cab. they make enough money they can afford it.

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