Texans take seventh spot in PFT Preseason Power Rankings


With a healthy quarterback, they could have gone to the Super Bowl last year.

But after a dynamic offseason, and an honest concern about Matt Schaub’s future under center, the Texans might still be better than last year.

Schaub says he’s healthy and ready to play, and not worried about his contract. All those are good things.

Then the Texans tweaked their defense, got rid of some old parts to continue building with a new, exciting group.

Some players were shuffled off, the attrition that comes with trying to keep a young core together. And they weren’t just guys either, but stars such as defensive end Mario Williams, right tackle Eric Winston and middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans, one-time cornerstones.

The Texans are at a fascinating place, but their overall talent level has them in the seventh spot in our Preseason Power Rankings.

Take a look at our full preview here, and tell us if you think we’ve overrated or undervalued them going into this season.

10 responses to “Texans take seventh spot in PFT Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Overrated, for the simple reason that even though Schaub’s back, they have to face tougher competition this season. It’d be a shock if they didn’t win the division though.

  2. Healthy Andre Johnson, Healthy Foster, Healthy Schaub and a good defense this team could be scary.

    #7 is a good spot for them.

  3. Expect them them to fall back down to earth this year. Another 2010 Chiefs/Buccs 10-6 type team that collapses under the weight of the big-boy schedule they have to play the following year.Not only that,but you can’t replace half of the best line in football and not expect a dropoff. This isn’t Madden.

  4. They have to be this high because of the division they play in, right? How can they be this high after losing so much in the offseason?

  5. I think the texans when healthy probally have best all round team. Good o-line, good run stop, good pass coverage, beast rb, star reciever, i mean im not saying they the best obviouslly. Just most well rounded.

  6. Again…10 wins for a team that virtually had 6 bye weeks within its own division is no big deal.
    Aftyer a year of feasting on the likes of Gabbert, I cant even remember the Colts QB’s last year, Jake Locker and many unknown bums comes a year of famine versus guys like Rodgers, Cutler, Stafford, Peyton and Brady. Maybe 8-8 if they get a lil luck on their sorry sides.

  7. Ha. I’m not a Texans fan, but people who think that ranking is too high don’t know what they’re talking about. Go back and take a closer look at their defense from last year– second in yards allowed and fourth in points allowed. With Wade Philips calling an aggressive one-gap 34, they quietly ascended to one of the league’s elite defenses, ranked just behind Baltimore in most important statistical categories. If you think they’re going to miss Demeco Ryans, you’re living in 2008. Ryans hasn’t been an impact player the last two years– he had 64 tackles and essentially no impact plays last year despite playing 16 games.

    JJ Watt is the foundation of the Houston defense, just like Justin Smith is in San Francisco. Connor Barwin and Cushing are their playmakers at LB, and Brooks Reed is an up and comer. Wait, did you mean they’d miss Mario? They were without him most of last season, you tell me how much they missed him. Houston’s defense is already top five, and their best players are just now hitting their prime, or haven’t even reached it yet. They’re going to be a top D for years to come– they might overtake Pitt or Baltimore this year, given the age and injuries on those units.

    Losing Winston will hurt, but not as much as some of you think. Texans OL coach Rick Dennison is a pupil of Alex Gibbs, and their zone-blocking scheme is essentially a plug-and-play system that doesn’t require elite athletes. Those guys have ALWAYS put solid lines on the field, whether it was Houston or Denver. They;ll figure it out. Granted, they could use better depth at WR– but Kubiak always fielded highly productive offenses for the post-SB Broncos teams, and Rod Smith was the only legit receiver they ever had. Their run-heavy version of the West Coast doesn’t have to have a bunch of stud receivers to be effective. They have a killer ground game, they throw to the backs and TEs a lot, and they generate big plays through the air with play-action.

    And they play in a feeble division. The writing is on the wall– Houston is legitimately one of the best teams in the conference, and they should take the AFC’s second seed this year if they can manage to keep Schaub healthy.

  8. So the Raiders came into the Texans house last season and beat them despite being ravaged by injuries and got ranked 22nd while the Texans lose most players worth a damn on that team and somehow finish 7th?

    The Texans have been a “sleeper” playoff team for the past 6 consecutive offseasons and always find a way to underwhelm in a huge way. Nonsense.

  9. Superbowl last year?

    No way not With Kevin Walters and Jacoby Jones as your top recievers even with a health Schaub i doubt they would have went far into the playoffs with such a crap wr core.

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