Jim Washburn praises Vinny Curry, Inquirer kills the best part

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The master of the Eagles’ wide-nine defensive front has plenty of potent defensive ends to choose from.  And one of the newest additions apparently has a potent liquid flowing through his veins.

“He’s got some piss in his blood,” defensive line coach Jim Washburn said of rookie defensive end Vinny Curry.  (And piss in the blood is always better than blood in the piss.)

Possibly putting some piss in the blood (or blood in the piss) of story author Jeff McLane is the fact that his editor(s) at the Philadelphia Inquirer removed the money quote from Washburn’s description of Curry.

In the paper and on the website:  “He’s a little bit farther behind playing where he played.  But he’ll be fine.  Tough.”

Said McLane on Twitter:  “This quip from Jim Washburn was cut from my Vinny Curry story, but I have no problem reprinting the full quote here: ‘He’s a little bit farther behind playing where he played,’ Washburn said of Curry. ‘But he’ll be fine.  Tough.  He’s got some piss in his blood.'”

Though we’re not in the business of helping save the newspaper business (then again, it’s likely too late for that), the heightened sensitivity to the presence of the word “piss” in print is another reason why it’s becoming harder and harder to find stuff with which to wrap fish.  As layers of editors try to justify their ongoing existence, all it takes is one who is afraid of his or her own shadow to kill what otherwise would be a compelling, entertaining, and/or eye-catching quote.

Maybe the newspapers are applying a 1950s mindset because they yearn for the 1950s monopoly they enjoyed over the media landscape.  Regardless, if newspapers hope to survive in the modern world, they need to get some piss in their blood.  Or blood in their piss.

And they need to be willing to say “piss.”

Piss.  Piss.  Piss.  Piss.  Piss.

9 responses to “Jim Washburn praises Vinny Curry, Inquirer kills the best part

  1. More likely, they snipped that sentence off because most people under the age of 40 wouldn’t understand the context of the quote — it goes back to at least WWII as a colorful way to describe a tough guy.

  2. I love you, Florio, man. I really do. You are willing to say Piss on your site no matter who it may piss off. It actually pisses me off a bit that a newspaper editor felt they had to cut piss from a story for sensitivity sake. And your line about the newspapers yearning for the 1950’s monopoly they had over the media landscape is perfect and true.

    This site is like ESPN in the 80’s and 90’s before it became E! Sports Edition. It is fresh, witty, creative, informative and more without seeming as if it is trying to be or trying too hard. Great site, keep it up.

  3. Hopefully, for Eagle fanatics, Curry has more, and more potent, piss in his blood than Brandon Graham.

  4. As if anyone that is too young to read a “naughty” word like piss ever reads the paper…

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